Records365 Solution Showcase – Americas & EMEA


New to Records365?

Join us at this webinar for an interactive discussion and showcase of RecordPoint’s layer of intelligence to seamlessly manage content in place. Improve regulatory compliance, increase data security, and promote collaboration while enhancing organizational efficiencies and the overall user experience.

Discover how connecting data and digital content from multiple sources and locations—cloud and/or on-premises locations, file sharing platforms, email, social media, engagement systems—into one centralized dashboard for complete control and transparency offers;

  • more consistent, comprehensive management capabilities over information no matter where the information resides
  • insights that improve business intelligence for better business decisions
  • increase accuracy for classification and policy application with Classification Intelligence backed by Machine Learning
  • accurately classify large volumes of records whilst providing fine-grained control with automatic application of the classification suggestions made by our AI-based intelligent policy engine
  • modernize legacy systems and apps for greater control, collaboration, and compliance
  • rapidly gain insights into content with a comprehensive reporting data feed and configurable Microsoft Power BI dashboards


This webinar is scheduled to start 10am Seattle | 6pm London. Session recording will be sent to all attendees and registrants at the end of the webinar.