Q3 Product Update Webinar


Join the RecordPoint Product Management team as we take a look at how Records365 will revolutionize information governance in 2020. We will examine the layer of intelligence that Records365 brings to unmanageable content sources through our AI powered connectors and content appraisal capabilities. We will also dive into our intelligent enrichment pipeline which will help organizations uncover context, relationships and insights that will make information governance easier and more approachable no matter where you content lives.

Register today to uncover how Records365 can:

  • Perform large scale assessments of content sources to identify high value information.
  • Add a layer of intelligence to your in-place content to see and make decisions with context like PCI or PII or mentions of specific people, places or organizations.
  • Manage whole of organization content sources, in-place and across physical, electronic, and cloud repositories.

We know 2020 will be the year organizations take control of their data. We aim to see the use of more intelligent solutions governing ever-growing information estates.


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