Coffee Chat: Privacy vs. Productivity, and the winner is…


Remember when your best friend told EVERYONE the secret you told them in confidence? That hurt! But let’s be honest, you were seven years old and you were back to being best friends 15 minutes later.

It’s not like that anymore.

A privacy breach or blunder in your organization can have significant ramifications to the point of lawsuits, penalties, fines and long lasting ill will. The sheer amount of data held by any organization is staggering. How do we keep it safe? How do we manage it? What do we manage it against? Grab a cup of your favorite coffee and join us in a discussion about privacy trends and how to protect information without getting in the way of your organization’s productivity.

This webinar is scheduled to start 2pm PT. Session recording will be sent to all attendees and registrants at the end of the webinar.