Modern Information Governance for Federal Agencies


A new standard for information governance

For Australian agencies, a user-friendly, customisable, centralised solution for information management is the new way forward. RecordPoint is committed to innovating alongside federal government agencies like the Australian Human Rights Commission and Digital Transformation Agency to make compliance and risk reduction easy and cost-efficient.

In-place, user-focused information management

As cloud-based tools and services become widely used, the public sector has had to fill compliance gaps introduced by new ways of working. Traditionally, training and ensuring users follow ever-changing policies has been a daunting task.

Fortunately, it’s now possible to employ ‘invisible’ information governance, which manages data in the background of day-to-day work.  Join RecordPoint and special guest Ron McLay, CIO at the Australian Human Rights Commission to hear about current digital priorities in Australian federal government and how compliance can be achieved at scale.