Europe | Compliant Migration as a Service (CMaaS) Webinar


Traditionally, legacy content management systems have focused on structured storage. People would create a file, put it into a specific location, and tag it with specific metadata that was synced across the organization. Compliance was driven from policies that were applied based on the location of the document or by the metadata that had been applied.  

This approach directly conflicts with the modern workplace. The modern workplace is focused on end user engagement and collaboration, rather than a heavily structure content system. It eliminates inflexible information architectures and unnecessary taxonomies. But how do you get to a compliant modern workplace? 

To make the journey to the compliant modern workplace easier, RecordPoint has developed a new offering – Compliant Migration as a Service (CMaaS). CMaaS provides audited and guaranteed migration outcomes for IT and compliance. You don’t need to give up traceable and defensible compliance while freeing your end users from the burden of records management!  

Attend our webinar to learn about why CMaaS is right for you! 

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