Collaboration and Compliance Transformation Seminar


The information management landscape is rapidly changing. Organizations are becoming more agile, information is being created at increasingly rapid speeds, and customers are demanding faster and smarter services through digital channels. In this ever-evolving world, municipal governments are struggling to maintain their information and are missing key opportunities to leverage their data, streamline processes, and ensure overall compliance with industry standards.

There are many content services that municipal governments are leveraging in today’s modern workplace, such as SharePoint, Office 365, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox. With more choice and flexibility than ever before, teams are transforming the way they create and work with information. How can we keep up with compliance obligations and manage information effectively across these services?

RecordPoint, along with our public-sector partners The Information Professionals and StoneShare, will discuss the constantly evolving world of information management, compliance, and governance. We will explore the techniques, technologies, and approaches being used by other municipalities today to deliver successful electronic records management solutions across a range of different applications. We will discuss how records management compliance can be achieved through automated classification, declaration and disposition in a single location. We will also demonstrate how a federated solution can deliver a common view of content and enable more strategic information management.