AIIM 2018

Grand Hyatt San Antonio

At AIIM, we believe that there is a core set of capabilities that are necessary for organizations to digitally transform. We call it Intelligent Information Management (IIM).

AIIM18 brings together the right people (over 600 participants from around the world), processes (sessions and roundtables explain how it’s done), and technology (customer case studies from dozens of the leading solution providers).

If any of these sound familiar, then you should attend;

  • Process workers — “Quit making us enter the same information in five different spreadsheets.”
  • Knowledge workers — “We’re drowning in information but thirsty for knowledge.”
  • Security officers — “Information is leaking out of the organization at every turn.”
  • Records managers and lawyers – “The volume of information that is beyond our ability to control is increasing business risk and exposure.”
  • IT people — “We can’t keep up with the demands of the business and they are working around us rather than with us.”
  • The Business — “Productivity is declining because of our inability to automate our core processes.”
  • The C-Suite — “We are spending so much effort just keeping the lights on that I am afraid we will miss the next wave of technology and be left behind.”


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