CMaaS built to migrate your organization to the modern cloud workplace

RecordPoint Compliant Migration as a Service (CMaaS) cloud infrastructure gives organizations a faster, easier way to move away from legacy enterprise content management (ECM) and records systems. This agile, scalable process provides a streamlined, compliant, and cost-effective way to give employees the benefits of a modern workplace environment.

Why CMaaS?

Solving the three biggest challenges of compliant content migration

Migrations are time consuming

CMaaS is an inclusive service that helps your organization quickly and securely preserve and move legacy information into new content repositories.

Migrations are difficult

CMaaS is the first service of its kind to migrate content compliantly, with audit trails and chains of custody for records count preserved and maintained.

Migrations are expensive

CMaaS makes your move to a modern information management environment more cost-effective than other solutions, saving you and your organization time, money, and effort.

What can CMaaS do for you?

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Audited compliance reports

CMaaS offers a fully audited migration experience that enables organizations to know exactly what is migrated where and when. This oversight is critical when dealing with legacy content sources containing high-value or high-risk information that needs to be defensibly managed through a governance life cycle.

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Connect all your content sources

Migrate previously siloed physical and digital information repositories into a modern platform for efficient management in a single, centralized dashboard.

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Fixed price and fixed outcome

Predictable, simplified pricing models enable you to consolidate legacy content sources without unanticipated costs.

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Increase end-user adoption

Records365 takes the burden of records management away from end users by automatically classifying content in the background.

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Consolidate multiple platforms

Reduce costs by consolidating older systems with redundant functionality onto fewer platforms to improve search and performance.

Information Intelligence

Does your organization need information intelligence?

Let’s explore how RecordPoint can help your organization increase compliance, reduce risk, strengthen data security, and improve organizational efficiencies. Contact us today to set up your free personalized RecordPoint demo.