Information management best practices

Records365 Classification Intelligence harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning delivering more complete insights into information that drives better decisions.

Greater control over complex workloads

For regulated organizations, Classification Intelligence resolves the complexity of managing data sprawl and unstructured data in the ever-growing suite of cloud and on-premises enterprise tools.

Unlike traditional information and records management solutions that rely on metadata or manual intervention to classify content (and therefore manage risk), Classification Intelligence uses machine learning techniques to make decisions that take into account the content and context of the information.

Machine learning in information management

No training required

An intuitive, streamlined user experience makes it easy to apply previous classification decisions with no advanced user training, while RecordPoint advanced AI works behind the scenes.

Better decisions, faster

Achieve fast, objective, and repeatable decision making across any volume of information.

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Flexible content sources

Unstructured content sources that lack metadata make it difficult to correctly describe a record—a challenge when composing metadata-based rules. Using content and its relationships to classify records based on similar content is key to reducing the complexity of unmanaged content sources.

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Flexible classifications

With our Intelligent Policy Engine, you can augment traditional metadata-based classification rules with AI-powered classification that uses data signals from file content to provide policy suggestions.

Information Intelligence

Does your organization need information intelligence?

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