Recap: Records365 Classification Intelligence and Exchange Online Connector Launch Webinar 

At RecordPoint, our mission is to provide in-depth federated data management and information governance capabilities to organizations no matter where their content resides. Today we announced two of RecordPoint’s newest capabilities to deliver on these promises. RecordPoint’s Records365 now has Classification Intelligence delivered through machine learning and an Exchange Online connector to manage email easily.

We demo the Records365 Classification Intelligence and the Exchange Online connector and discuss them in-depth in our recent launch webinar. You can watch the webinar on-demand now.

Tame Unstructured Information with Classification Intelligence

Classification Intelligence is Record365’s brand-new capability that allows you to make faster, more informed, and objective policy decisions. This capability uses the power of advanced machine learning to assist in decision making.

Learn more about Records365 Classification Intelligence: Announcing Classification Intelligence for Records365

Records365 Classification Intelligence learns from previous decisions you have made in Records365 to build a machine learning model that provides policy suggestions based on the actual content of your documents, spreadsheets, presentation, and many other information assets.

We apply natural language processing techniques over the content of your documents to extract its context. This information is then used by Records365 to determine which policy is most suitable based on statistical similarities to other content that has already had a policy applied to it.

Machine-Learning-ModelThis modern approach finally provides organizations with a way to make decisions on unstructured content that has little or no metadata, which would traditionally be used to determine what policy to apply.

Learn more about how machine learning works: Types of Machine Learning for Records Management

We deliver this powerful capability as a supervised model which ensures that record managers are in control of the policy that is ultimately applied to new content coming into Records365. You can either chose to accept or correct policy suggestions on incoming content. In doing so, you provide additional signals that improve the machine learning model that Records365 uses behind the scenes. This approach ensures that your model is refined over time to give you the best possible predictions.

Records365 Classification Intelligence is available now. To find out how Records365 can help you get a grip on unstructured data [watch the Webinar now] or [contact our sales teams for a live demo].

Taking Control of Business Emails with the Exchange Online Connector

The average information worker sends and receives 120+ emails every day[1]. These emails can contain critical information assets or attachments that need to be managed from a compliance and risk perspective.

In many organizations, email is completely unmanaged, which exposes organizations to regulatory, litigation, and compliance risks. Email stores are left to grow exponentially, which increases email storage costs. This storage volume leads and lack of email classification leads to Increased discovery costs. When people delete emails, they use non-compliant, age-based rules.

mail Management LandscapeTraditional approaches to email management do not work. Email management is typically manual and reliant on the end-users. Organizations cannot enforce or govern processes, leading to inconsistencies. Email management typically requires a third-party, desktop plug-in. There is significant change management overhead to a manual email management approach as it impacts all users. In the end, these processes are not designed to deliver compliance outcomes.

Learn more about traditional approaches: A Complete Guide to Exchange Retention Policies

Records365-ExchangeThe Records365 Exchange Online connector makes this process easy by fully automating the capture and classification of emails. This process eliminates the need for end-users to apply labels or complicated workflows to their emails manually. As a result, information workers can do their work without having to worry about record managing their emails.

Learn more about our Exchange Online connector: Manage Exchange Online Retention with Records365

Watch the Recording!

Records365 uses an in-place approach to managing emails. An email that is managed by Records365 stays in the user’s mailbox so they can continue to their collaboration workflow uninterrupted. For IT administrators, the Exchange Online connector offers fine-grained controls over what emails to manage through Records365. This approach allows an organization to gradually step into fully automated email compliance that respects privacy concerns that end-users may have.

The Records365 Exchange Online connector is available now. To find out how Records365 can help you get a grip on email you can watch the Webinar now or contact our sales team for a live demo.

Questions and Answers from the Live Webinar

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