About Us

Our history, our vision, and the team that’s making it all happen.

What Makes Us Different

RecordPoint was created to cost-effectively fill the gaps in SharePoint that prevent it being used as a standards-compliant, enterprise grade records management solution.

RecordPoint addresses the local compliance challenge by leveraging and extending the native document and records management capabilities in Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 to provide a 100% SharePoint solution that is built to meet global and local records standards – a task that was previously cost prohibitive or technically unfeasible.

Our Vision and Values

To build software that reduces the cost and complexity of records management.

The Customer Matters
We want the customer to respect us in the morning.

Work as a Team
Collaborate openly with peers, partners and customers.

Strive for Simplicity 
We innovate for everyone.
Own the Outcome.

Aim to be the change that you seek
Products with Balance
Consider how decisions will affect all stakeholders.

Love Success
Achieve results and celebrate when we do.

Meet Our Team

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Aaron Elazar

Alistar Arcilla

Amy Kent

Anthony Woodward, CTO

Anthony Woodward

Ben Henderson

Charissa Upcroft

Chris Warren

Connor Porter

Denis Hawkins

Elon Aizenstros, CEO

Elon Aizenstros

Erica Toelle

Jacob Williams

Joe Warwick

John Gunning

Kyle Farmer

Livia Halim

Madison Trewet

Matthew Wood

Miles Ashcroft

Oshin Dsouza

Parveen Bhardwaj

Paul Kelly

Rachana Gupta

Stephen O’Shannessy