About Us

Our history, our vision, and the team that’s making it all happen.

What Makes Us Different

Founded in 2009, RecordPoint is a global records management and compliance solution provider and pioneer of cloud-based recordkeeping. As recognized by Gartner in 2018, RecordPoint is leading the way in the content services segment and providing organizations with the ability to truly manage records from across multiple services and platforms using a single, federated solution.

With support for Office 365, SharePoint, File Shares, E-mail, Box, Dropbox, G-Suite and many other applications, RecordPoint is demonstrating how easy federated compliance can be with a modern, trusted cloud solution.

RecordPoint has offices located in Seattle, Sydney, Melbourne and London.

Our Vision and Values

To build software that reduces the cost and complexity of records management.

The Customer Matters
Work to earn respect across all business functions.

Work as a Team
Collaborate openly with peers, partners and customers.

Strive for Simplicity 
We innovate for everyone.
Own the Outcome.

Aim to be the change that you seek
Products with Balance
Consider how decisions will affect all stakeholders.

Love Success
Achieve results and celebrate when we do.

Meet Our Team

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Aaron Ellazar

Adam Kinnell

Ahmad Saleh

Alex F

Alina Marques

Alistar Arcilla

Anthony Woodward

Arslan Qamar

Ben Obermayer

Cameron Andrews

Charissa Upcroft

Cleber Cassiani

Connor Porter

David Whitehead

Drasko Radovic

Elon Aizenstros

Filip Miskovski

Frida Ciblis

Huong Cu

Jacob Williams

Jason Franks

Jeremy Stevenson

Jordan Bettonvil

Laura Boustany

Leo Borges

Livia Halim

Mafaz Udayar

Manuel Marroquin

Matthew Coad

Matthew Wood

Michael DeYoung

Michael Petricevic

Miles Ashcroft

Molly Rowe

Nance Chen

Nina Huang

Parveen Bhardwaj

Pat Moloney

Paul Kelly

Philip Laureano

Rachana Gupta

Red O’Hanlon

Sam Dawson

Shane Hopcroft

Shane Lewis

Shim Shimla

Simon Harloff

Sunil Purushothaman

Trevor Barnard

Vish Swaminathan

Xiaotian Su

Zi Choong

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