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With an eye on continuous innovation, RecordPoint brings real intelligence and structure to data everywhere to reduce risk for everyone


The promise of transparent records management

At RecordPoint, our mission is simple: to make our customers’ dreams of streamlined records and content management come true—so they can more effectively centralize their data, limit risk exposure, and increase employee efficiencies.

For nearly 15 years, we’ve remained committed to developing a revolutionary records management solution and delivering unparalleled information management services.

Over that span, we’ve helped government agencies, regulated organizations, and other enterprises across the world achieve their loftiest business goals, empowering them with a transparent layer of intelligence to connect their data, content, and platforms.

As our customers continue to thrive—confident that their information is being managed securely and their compliance needs are being met with ease—we’ll continue to pioneer new and improved records management solutions that make it possible for them to achieve even more.

Information management innovation: The heart of our company

We believe that records management should never hold a business back. Since the early days of RecordPoint, when our founders were merely sketching out ideas on the windows of their office space, this undeniable truth has informed our every waking move.

Committed to creating a better, smarter way for organizations to manage their records, we’ve dedicated ourselves to developing a groundbreaking approach to help companies secure data, mitigate risk, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Our collective imagination has given rise to a game-changing records management solution—one that empowers customers worldwide to apply intelligence to their information management, so they can better tackle their challenges and prosper today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

Our customers come first. And second. And third.

I enjoy building strong, lasting relationships and enabling our customers to become change agents within their organizations, both immediately and on an ongoing basis.

Redmond O'Hanlon

Sales Director, Northern Field Region


Our core values

It’s all about our customers’ success

We go beyond transactional interactions and typical customer relationships to forge lasting partnerships based on mutual support and success.

Transformative ideas can come from anywhere

We collaborate openly and inclusively with peers, partners, and customers to overcome challenges, celebrate everyone’s wins, and deliver impactful outcomes.

Simplicity and transparency win the day

We value clear, honest communication—internally in our daily interactions, and externally with our customers, partners, and the community. This enables us to create products and services that embody an ideal balance of simplicity, security, and value.

Embrace fearless imagination and vision

We eat challenges for breakfast. We seek to smash the status quo. We love the ideas that terrify our competitors. We have a relentless focus on success, and we create the services that enable our customers and our company to succeed together.

Drive toward success and celebrate victories

We are pioneers and industry leaders, and we view every day as a new opportunity to earn that distinction all over again. We are proud of our accomplishments, but our focus is already on developing the next winning breakthrough.

Redefining the future of information management

We see beyond how things merely are today. We envision what the world of information management could look like tomorrow.

With our customers top of mind, we strive to create an environment where companies are free of worry. Streamlined records and content management enables organizations to minimize risk and maximize efficiency. To decrease costs and increase security. To combat complexity and ensure compliance.

We make this all possible with a records management solution that leverages cutting-edge capabilities like AI and machine learning. And as we usher in a brand-new age of information management, we pledge to continue embracing state-of-the-art technologies—remaining at the forefront of innovation—so we can help propel organizations into the future.

Let’s revolutionize records management, together

Do you believe that big, bold ideas can solve today’s most complex challenges? Are you eager to make an impact on government agencies and regulated companies operating across industries? Do you thrive in a fast-paced environment where collaboration is key?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

RecordPoint is always on the lookout for top talent. If you’re passionate about making a difference in the information management space, we’d love for you to come and be a part of our team.

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Meet our leadership team

Anthony Woodward

Chief Operations Officer

Elon Aizenstros

Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Wood

Chief Financial Officer

Kris Brown

VP, Product Development

Carolyn Nickels

VP, Professional Services & Support

Josh Mason

VP, Engineering

Molly Rowe

Head of People and Culture

Jesse Edwards

Sales Director

Redmond O'Hanlon

Sales Director

Jennifer Hankin

Head of Marketing


Expand your information management horizons

RecordPoint is strategically located across three continents. With offices in the cities of Seattle, Sydney, Melbourne, and London, we’re positioned to deliver our top-notch information management services wherever and whenever you need them most.


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