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For highly regulated and public enterprises, Records365 vNext is a records and information management solution that helps businesses manage their regulatory, legal and information governance requirements in relation to electronic and physical records.

Unlike traditional records management systems Records365 vNext ties together a variety of content sources, both inside and outside the enterprise and makes that information available for management as records. It achieves this without changing or fettering any styles of collaboration or information use.

The solution is also extensible, with a well-known framework that supports partner and customer creation of custom connectors of various types.

One Platform to Rule All Your Content Sources

For highly regulated enterprises, Records365 vNext brings timely and hassle-free compliance to wherever your information is stored, without relying on cumbersome manual processes or interfering with your business users’ daily tasks.

Key Product Capabilities

Records as a Service

The only cloud-first, SaaS records management system designed to unify and control all your content sources.

Data from Any Source

Regardless of where your data lives, our platform brings all your content sources under one roof for centralized management.

Platform Agnostic

Your data shouldn’t be held captive by your legacy systems. Unlock your data and achieve standards compliant records management.

Turnkey Compliance

Let us take the lead on compliance and leverage our rules-based engine to manage and automate your records lifecycle.

Cost-Effective & Scalable

Platform agnostic data management means eliminating the traditional software licensing model, delivering cost-effective and scalable solutions.

Global Availability

Globally available and supported by our international team of talented records consultants & support representatives.

End to End Information Management

Managing the Information lifecycle to maximize value from data, in a compliant and secure manner.

Management and oversight of an organization’s data assets to help provide business users with high-quality data that is consistent and easily accessible.

Enabling greater productivity for end users to discover, secure, access, and consume data.

Key Benefits

The benefits to our latest product are numerous, but here are some of the most noteworthy things you can look forward to seeing.

  • Improved business processes through faster access and retrieval of information.
  • Better informed decision making through quicker access to all the right information.
  • Lower compliance costs and enhanced ability to provide accurate, timely and transparent responses to legislative, regulatory and legal requirements.
  • Mitigation of business and reputational risk and improved business continuity.
  • Enablement of effective and demonstrable Records Management practices that are supported by evidence.

New Features

RecordPoint vNext capabilities go far beyond what our other products are capable of handling. Check out some of the many exciting new features that will be offered in our latest offering!

  • Leverage with or without SharePoint – Leverage connectors to SharePoint Online or on premises.
  • Machine learning and analytics to perform eDiscovery and auto-classification. The classifications are self-forming without need for writing rules or selecting exemplars for each classification.
  • Connector for email with supporting manual and automated records management scenarios at both user and organization level.
  • Documented Connector Framework – easily implementable by our partners and customers to connect to custom LOB systems.
  • Provided as a SaaS with future functionality to be deployed on a private cloud.
  • Greater throughput and storage at a much larger scale.

Security Features

RecordPoint takes the security of your data very seriously. As you can see from our impressive list of certifications with some of the most popular data management standards in the world, we take every effort to ensure your data is completely secure with all of our products.

  • RecordPoint’s cloud offerings are built on Microsoft Azure, with data centers certified to the highest industry standards ensuring your data is safe.
  • All traffic between Records365 and Office 365 is encrypted.
  • Choose from global locations to co–locate your records in the same data center as your Office 365 tenant.

Extend Core Capabilities

Our core platform already brings a tremendous amount of additional functionalities to your record management workflows, but we offer a suite of special connectors to give you even more options.

vNext Architecture Overview

Highly Extendable

Records365 vNext it’s a Multi-Tenant Records-as-a-Service solution that is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud Stack. Leveraging the built-in Connector Framework Records365 vNext can be extended to connect with any content source in a seamless manner.

Azure Authentication

Records365 vNext Platform doesn’t store users or passwords but instead leverages your Corporate Office365 Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) as the identity provider. This allows the centralized management of all your users and applications directly in your Azure AD.

Azure Authorization

Our Portal leverages Azure AD Roles functionality to provide different access levels. There are 3 pre-defined roles with different permissions levels that can be assigned to your users directly through your Corporate Office365 Azure AD: Application Administrator, Records Manager, and Records Visitor.

Powerful Search Capabilities

The Records365 vNext Search engine is a schema-less engine that allows metadata from disparate sources to be consistently indexed and searched quickly after content is uploaded. Search functionalities are pluggable components that support different providers depending on your requirements.

Data Transfer

All API endpoints that are part of the Records365 vNext Platform and Connectors Framework are accessible through https only and data is securely transferred under a SSL connection.


The Records365 vNext Storage has been designed as a pluggable component to support different storage technologies that best meet your requirements to securely and persistently store your information.

What’s Best For Your Business?

If you aren’t sure which RecordPoint product is the right fit for your business, our team is happy to help. Just contact us and we’ll discuss your requirements and setup a free product demo.

Resources For Getting Started

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