RecordPoint Certified as Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) Compliant

RecordPoint, a leading provider of records management for SharePoint 2016 and the cloud announces VERS certification for their updated 4.0 release

RecordPoint, the leading provider of automated records management solutions for SharePoint and Office 365, announces the certification of the recent 4.01 release to Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) standard. This certification makes RecordPoint 4.0 the first and only SharePoint 2016 VERS certified solution for Records Management.

RecordPoint provides easy and affordable records management and information governance for users of Microsoft SharePoint, cloud services and local intranets with compliance to local and international standards. This recent certification follows a history of maintaining certification and trust for their customers while maintaining the latest features in a changing technology landscape.

In addition to SharePoint 2016 certification, RecordPoint complies with all 5 VERS specs, including VEO’s. This makes RecordPoint unique in the market as not all vendor solutions have all these certifications. RecordPoint v4.0 is also fully compliant to VERS certification on SharePoint 2013 so customers can confidently choose a product that complies with their technology landscape.

VERS as a standard is used globally beyond its Australian origins. VERS “addresses the need for a cost-effective, long-term approach to the preservation of digital records.” These standards are looked for and leveraged in solutions by organizations internationally in an effort to ensure that the records management system implemented is safe, secure, and lasting.

“Australia and New Zealand have been at the forefront in leading digital records and the management of those records, and we are proud that RecordPoint is a leader with capabilities to meet internationally recognized standards in an intuitive and accessible way.” – Anthony Woodward, CTO, RecordPoint


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