An Overview of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the chat based collaboration solution from Microsoft, included with most Office 365 plans. We’ve had a lot of questions form customers and the community about this functionality. It’s easier to show Microsoft Teams, rather than explain it, so enjoy this 10 minute overview of the basic features of Microsoft Teams!

Microsoft Teams Tips

Top 10 Tips for Using Microsoft Teams

As a part of RecordPoint’s “Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Teams” series, we wanted to harness the collective knowledge of our staff around Microsoft Teams and share some of the lessons learned along the way. These tips come from our experience using Microsoft Teams internally at RecordPoint. They also come from conversations we’ve been having within our network of Office 365 experts, and from helping people make sense of this new tool.

Extending Microsoft Teams – Tabs

Tabs allow you to add third-party apps and services to your Microsoft Team, providing all of your work in one context. They are especially useful because you can read, edit, and interact with the information from the tab, so you don’t have to leave Microsoft Teams to do your work.

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