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All RecordPoint customers have access to our Resource Centre which allows
customers to:

  • Lodge and track service desk calls
  • Access our online knowledge base
  • Access and download documentation relating to the product

If you are an existing customer and have a logon then please use the portal to lodge any issues or to review any service desk calls you have submitted. You can also use the site to lodge other requests for information or assistance.

If you are a customer and do not have access to the portal then please contact us to arrange access for you and your team.

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Doesn’t SharePoint already do Records Management?

Yes, it does but it does have a number of limitations that mean in a complex records management environment, particularly one that is focused on meeting the Record Management standards, SharePoint out of the box will not have all of the functionality that is required. Adding RecordPoint to SharePoint fills these gaps.

What additional features does RecordPoint have over SharePoint?

RecordPoint extends SharePoint to provide the following.

  • Centralising the Records management policies in SharePoint to allow the records processes to easily scale from a few sites to an enterprise with thousands of SharePoint sites with the consistent application of classification and retention policies.
  • Scaling to hundreds of SharePoint Records centres and hundreds of nodes in a single Records taxonomy (classification scheme).
  • RecordPoint establishes rules for metadata inheritance based on the records management rules of the organisation in the context of the sites, lists and libraries, and user and system derived metadata.
  • Additional security, audit, import, export and metadata components of SharePoint are enriched to ensure SharePoint meets Australian, New Zealand and other global standards.

What versions of SharePoint does RecordPoint work with?

RecordPoint works with SharePoint 2010 and 2013. It will also manage content in Office 365.

How do I download a trial version to evaluate?

We are always happy to provide an online trial – please contact us to arrange a trial using our online trial software.

To run RecordPoint will additional servers or infrastructure be required?

No, if your SharePoint system is already setup as per Microsoft best practise you will not need any additional hardware or software (other than SharePoint of course).

Does RecordPoint include an Application Programing Interface (API)?

Yes, RecordPoint includes an API for building custom solutions on top of SharePoint.

Does RecordPoint include an API for migration?

Yes, RecordPoint includes an API for migrating from a legacy record keeping system.

Can RecordPoint work with other record keeping systems?


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