Easy, Fast and Cost-Effective Migration

A fixed-price, fixed-outcome compliant migration service.

CMaaS is an essential piece to a modern records management strategy, helping organizations get to a modern workspace platform — quickly and in a compliant manner.

Built to move to the modern workplace

Compliant Migration as a Service (CMaaS) is a solution built to provide organizations with a better, faster and easier way to adopt modern workplace technologies.

CMaaS solves migration challenges that block organizations from moving away from legacy ECM and records systems. Removing these blockers gives organizations a compliant and cost-effective means to give their employees a modern workplace experience.

What can CMaaS do for you?

Our Compliant Migration as a Service solution has many benefits. Among other things, you’ll get:

Solve your compliance problems

Use our compliant migration service to easily move your organization to a modern workplace.

Why CMaaS?

Answering the 3 Biggest Challenges of Compliant Migration

Migration is Time Consuming

You won’t have to spend months on meetings upon meetings just to get things done. Powered by Records365 rules engine, CMaaS makes it fast and easy for any organization to migrate content and achieve company-wide compliance.

Migrations are Difficult

CMaaS is the first of its kind to migrate content in a compliant manner. Your audit trails won’t get lost and a chain of custody for records count will be maintained. Easy as pie.

Migrations are Expensive

With CMaaS, your move to the modern workplace is more cost-effective than other solutions, saving you and your organization time, money and effort.

See CMaaS Live

Attend our webinars and see CMaaS live in action.

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Migrate to a Modern Workplace with Ease

Why migrating to the compliant modern workplace is ideal.

There are many reasons to move to a modern workplace. Here’s a few:

Consolidate multiple platforms

Reduce costs by consolidating older systems with redundant functionality onto fewer platforms that positively impact end user performance.

Get rid of information silos

Remove platforms that don’t talk to each other. Search in one location and get results from many systems while keeping a great end user experience.

Increase end user adoption

A modern workplace classifies content in the background, heightening end user experiences and empowering employees to work in a way that makes most sense to them.

Your stairway to the cloud.

Let our compliant migration service take you to the modern workplace. See our solution in a live webinar. Want a more personal look? Contact us for a personalized demo.


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