The Future is Now.

Leverage the power of advanced machine learning to drive better decisions with Records365 Classification Intelligence.

Take Control of Complex Workloads

For regulated organizations, Classification Intelligence solves the complexity of managing unstructured information in the ever-growing suite of cloud enterprise tools that power today’s modern workforce.

Unlike traditional record management solutions that rely on metadata or manual intervention to classify content and therefore manage risk, Classification Intelligence uses machine learning techniques to make decisions that take into account the content and context of the information flowing through modern organizations.

Experience the Power of Machine Learning.

No Training Required.

Simply rely on the classification decisions that you have already made.

Easy to Implement.

The power stays behind the scenes, there’s no need to understand the complexities of AI.

Better Decisions Faster.

Provides objective and repeatable decision making over vast amounts of information.

Flexible Content Sources

Unstructured content sources are an additional challenge to Records Managers that struggle to create metadata-based rules where there is lack of metadata to correctly describe a record. The usage of content and its relationships to classify information based on similar content is key to reduce the complexity of managing unstructured content sources.

Flexible Classifications

The use of Machine Learning techniques to classify records based not only on metadata but also the content and its relationships makes the way records are classified more accurate to ensure your data is kept according to your organization’s policies.

Flexible Rule Management

No more complex classification rules that have to be manually curated and maintained. Our classification rules are great to manage structured sources where you can easily create rules to manage your content but when that is not the case then Classification Intelligence is a powerful addition that aids you to easily manage your complex use cases.

We've Got You Covered

Machine Learning-Based Classification

Learns From Your Organization’s Content, Feedback, and Context

Content & Context Extraction

Supervised Learning

Easy Model Training Process To Get You Started Quickly

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Support for Text, Audio, Video, Images and More

Cognitive Capabilities

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