Add-on module required
You will only have access to the features described in this article if you have purchased the Classification Intelligence add-on module with your Records365 subscription.

Role required
To Train a model you need to be assigned to either the Application Administrator or Records Manager role in Records365.


The training process leverages records in Records365 that already have a business classification to build a model that can, with high confidence, predict a record category (business classification) for new content discovered by Records365.

Currently content in Records365 can be assigned a record category (business classification) in the following ways:

  • Metadata based, through the use of the automated Rules Engine
  • Manual, through the manual assignment of record categories and the Reschedule feature
  • Content based, through the use of the Classification Intelligence add-on

Training record categories

Some areas of a file plan may be better suited to machine learning, and so two or more record categories can be targeted for inclusion in a model through the training process.

For a successful training, the following criteria must be met:

  • At least two record categories must be selected.
  • A record category is eligible for inclusion into a model if it has at least 50 records assigned.
  • At least 10 documents are of a file type that can be analyzed.
  • At most, the newest 500 documents discovered by Records365 will be used for training.

To build a model with a selected set of record categories, perform the following:

  1. In the left-hand navigation menu, click on the Intelligence section and select Training.
  2. You will be redirected to the Train tab. In there, you will see any record categories that Records365 is currently trained on.
  3. Click on the Train Categories button.
  1. A side panel will appear on the right where you will see the record categories that Records365 is currently trained on.
  2. To add a record category
    5.1 Select a record category from the dropdown OR enter the record category name
    5.2 Clicking on the category name will add it to the list of categories to be trained
  3. To remove a record category
    6.1 Click the grey (x) directly to the right of the record category
    6.2 Note: If you remove record categories that are part of your current model, Records365 will no longer be able to make suggestions for the removed record categories.
  4. Click Save to start training Records365

You will not be able to train Records365 in the following scenarios:

  • an insufficient number of record categories have been selected
  • a training run is currently in progress
  • a training run has already been performed in the last 24hrs

Supported characters
All model training is performed in the English language. If documents are of another language, there may be a reduction in prediction health. Non-english documents are not excluded from training.

Auto-apply suggestions

Upon successful training, you will be able to view your trained categories as well as their health. With this information, you can assess categories suitable for automatically applying the suggested categories.

To turn auto-apply on/off for one or more record categories, please perform the following:

  1. In the left-hand navigation menu, click on the Intelligence section and select Training
  2. Select the desired categories by clicking on the checkboxes
  3. Click the Auto-Apply button
  4. On the side-bar, select ON or OFF
  5. Click Save

When turning Auto-Apply on for record categories, please keep in mind:

  • Once new records or records version comes through, if they fall into these categories, the category will be automatically applied and the record won’t show up in the suggestions
  • The category health column is there to assist you on evaluating whether the category is suitable for this feature

Trained Models

The Trained Models tab is where you can view the results of all training runs that have been carried out in Records365.

You can gain the following insights about each model that Records365 is trained on:

  • Which model is active, and is currently being used to offer suggestions to records
  • The user who initiated the training run
  • When the resultant model was created
  • How healthy the resultant model is
  • The status of the model, the latest successful model will be promoted to have an Active status.

Clicking on a model will display additional information about that particular item, like the lifecycle and the number of categories included in the model.

Training Set

The training set is the set of records that were used to represent a record category when Records365 is being trained.

  1. In the left-hand navigation menu, click on the Intelligence section and select Training
  2. Click on Training Set

This can be particularly useful in scenarios where you are not getting good quality suggestions for a trained record category. Use this page to review the records that were used to train Records365. You may find that the record category that is performing poorly was trained using documents that are not representative of that category of record.

Currently, you may only view the training set for the model that is currently active.