Records Management

This section contains everything you need to get the most out of your Records365 tenancy and easily achieve compliant outcomes for your organization. Records365 helps you drive value from each stage of the Records Management lifecycle.

Setup Required
The instructions in this section assume that you have a Connector set up and managing at least one content source. If you don’t, you may wish to look at the Connectors topics first.

Content Creation

As your organization creates, edits and stores all kinds of documents and other content, Records365 will seamlessly capture and manage this content as Records. Set up your File Plan and Rules to ensure that your Records are assigned to the appropriate Category and an associated Retention Schedule.

Managing Records

Now that your records are classified appropriately, learn how to Browse and Search through your organization’s content estate. Records365 exposes a powerful view of a record’s Audit and History, and in the case of litigation, learn how to suspend a record’s normally scheduled retention by applying Freezes.

Managing Disposal

When records have reached the end of their lifecycle, defensible and compliant disposal lowers risk for your organization. Use the simple and powerful Disposal workflow to dispose of records and stay compliant.