AIIM IW – Using Analytics – Automating processes and extracting knowledge

Beyond “big data” style business intelligence, analytics is driving auto-classification, content remediation, security correction, adaptive case management, and process monitoring and modeling. The first step for many analytic processes is capture and recognition – from paper, and from other multiple inbound channels.

Something to consider when discussing analytics for process automation and business insight, is that information can and is being captured from multiple sources, including social media, blogs, websites, and even remote devices – the Internet-of-Things. According to 27% of our respondents, content analytics (CA) is seen as essential now, with 59% citing they see it as essential within the next 5 years.

Regarding the capture of data from remote devices, 43% of respondents indicate data is being captured from security systems (access readers, cameras, etc.) and from facilities equipment (HVAC, lighting, etc.) by 25%. Additionally, 51% of our respondents are capturing data from peripheral devices like multi-function copiers, etc.

In this comprehensive report, we take an in-depth look at the take-up of analytics applications, the success factors and outcomes, integration across repositories, and the issues, benefits and ROI resulting from analytics use. Above all, we look at the progress of organizations moving towards the incorporation of analytics to automate their business processes, and extract valuable customer and business knowledge to enhance their decision-making processes.

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