Physical Records Management Brochure

Create and manage physical records, folders, and boxes in Records365. These physical assets can then be managed with the same rules and policies as content from our other connectors. Work with physical records alongside your electronic records as well with the electronic records module.
Unlike traditional records management systems, Records365 is a modern records and information management solution. We help organizations manage their regulatory, legal, and information governance requirements for electronic and physical content. Records365 applies a layer of intelligence to a variety of content sources, including physical records, Office 365, file shares, Box, SharePoint, Dropbox, Salesforce, and more.
Get more from your existing legacy network, systems of record, software, and collaboration platforms with a user-driven, technology-based solution built for speed, efficiency, user collaboration and cost reduction.

Ready to transform your content and records management?

Contact us to learn more about how information intelligence from RecordPoint helps you manage all physical and digital records with the same policies and classifications.
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