Records365 connectors

Connect all your content sources for greater insight and governance

Connect data, content, and platforms

Unlike traditional information management systems, Records365 connectors unite a variety of content sources—both inside and outside the enterprise—and make that information available for management as records through a single centralized dashboard. Best of all, your preferred collaboration styles and information use remain unchanged, and you can easily manage information in-place.

Records365 connectors are also extensible, so you can work with a robust framework of custom connectors, including ones created by partners and customers.

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Link to organizational, department, or personal Box accounts to manage files and automatically apply rules.

Advanced compliance and governance capabilities enable automatic content capture and in-place management without interrupting end users.

Manage your emails as records directly from Exchange Online. Automatically apply rules to manage archiving, retention, and disposal without manual declarations.

Manage content in file shares and network drives. Apply Records365 policies to file-share items to connect in-place data.

Manage files and folders in Microsoft OneDrive for Business for easier compliance.

Manage content in SharePoint on-premises lists and libraries. Our SharePoint connector supports SharePoint 2013 and 2016.

Manage documents and lists located across SharePoint, Office 365 Groups, and Teams document libraries.

Information Intelligence

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