Compliant Migration as a Service

Announcing Records365 Compliant Migration as a Service 

In our previous article, The Challenges and Benefits of a Compliant Migration, we discussed the common issues faced when completing a move to the modern workplace. We also discussed the importance of a compliant migration to ensure the integrity of records.

RecordPoint’s Compliant Migration as a Service (CMaaS), along with Records365, has been designed to address these challenges and help you achieve the benefits of the modern workplace. Additionally, we help to achieve compliant outcomes and a more compliant end state.

CMaaS combines a migration framework that has been built and refined over years of legacy enterprise content migrations and the seamless, federated governance architecture of Records365.

CMaaS and Records365 delivers:

  • Audited and guaranteed peace of mind for both IT and Compliance.
  • A wide range of supported source and target systems with more added all the time.
  • A Day-One ready and compliant state for your information workers to achieve the full benefits of the modern content workplace.
  • A templated, fixed price, fixed outcome. Don’t let your migration eat into the ROI of your new content services!

Let’s have a deeper look into each of these.

Audited and Guaranteed Outcomes for IT and Compliance

Whether you are migrating from a governed, semi-structured, or unstructured content source, Records365 and CMaaS will provide a detailed audit report of the content and metadata captured. It will list any transformation required to bring your content and metadata to the target system, and the final, migrated state.

This report provides the auditability and defensibility required to maintain compliance when migrating content in a regulated environment.

Beyond just migrating content and its metadata, if you have a legacy EDRMS implementation, Records365 and CMaaS will migrate your content to a modern collaborative workspace while seamlessly managing your records including their full audit trail. You don’t need to give up traceable and defensible compliance while freeing your end users from the burden of records management!

A Wide Range of Supported Source and Target Systems

The flexibility offered by our migration engine allows us to connect to dozens of different content source systems, including on-premises file shares, and ECM systems such as SharePoint, HP Records Manager, Objective, and Documentum.

We can migrate to any target system supported by the Records365 connector framework, with more connectors added every month. Our extensible, developer-friendly platform also makes it easy to build your own connector!

A Day-One Ready and Compliant Modern Workplace

The outcome of your CMaaS and Records365 migration will be a fully managed and compliant content source, with the Records365 Rules engine driving powerful policies to achieve compliance outcomes across your organization’s content.

Don’t make compliance the deadweight preventing you from taking advantage of the modern workplace – Records365 can take you there today!

A Templated, Fixed Price, Fixed Outcome Migration

We are keenly aware that migration projects have often delivered poor outcomes in the past, requiring endless customization, lengthy time frames or just never getting across the finish line. By leveraging a proven technology stack, we guarantee fast and simple ingestion of your data, and provide a template mapping structure that will transform your content and structure from the legacy source to the target system.

Our high-performance migration engine is capable of processing millions of documents and their metadata to deliver high quality transformation outcomes.

Once your content mapping is in place, Records365 will load your organization’s classification scheme and create a flexible rules tree to govern your content. The migration is then completed, delivering comprehensive audit reporting on each step of the process.

What Are You Waiting For?

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