Reduce Complexity with RecordPoint

Reduce Records Management Complexity with RecordPoint

Complexity is the enemy of productivity.

If something is too difficult people will procrastinate and avoid it. The best way to escape this is to create processes and interfaces that are easy to use and enable the end users to accomplish tasks that are core to their job descriptions.

RecordPoint has made it our mission to reduce the complexity of records management for your organization. We do this in four ways:

  1. We don’t ask end users to complete any metadata.
  2. We don’t ask end users to be compliance experts.
  3. We auto-classify content according to your file plan.
  4. We enable records managers to govern rather than manage.

Let’s talk a bit more about each one of these points.

Don’t Ask Users to Complete Metadata

We’ve all been there. You navigate to the correct location, library, or folder to upload that document you need to share with your team. You click upload, browse to the file, click ok….and you are suddenly faced with a form asking for several metadata fields. You don’t even know what these fields mean!

Can’t you just upload your document and get on with your day?

This is a frustration often caused by the need to select metadata and classifications for records management. The content author knows the purpose better than anyone else, so why wouldn’t you ask them to complete metadata?

Don’t ask Users to Be Compliance Experts

The thing is, your end users are not compliance experts. They have no idea what the proper classification should be for records purposes. To them, the metadata they are being asked to complete doesn’t have anything to do with their jobs and is just a hindrance.

And they will start to avoid using the system and put their content somewhere else that is less difficult. No amount of training or communications is going to convince them otherwise. This then creates the risk of “Dark IT” where departments sign up for their own collaboration platforms that are not visible to records managers and therefore very high risk from a compliance point of view.

Auto-Classify Content

If metadata isn’t the answer – what is?

At RecordPoint we’ve found that we can auto-classify content without asking end users to complete any metadata or to upload content to a specific location. The thing is when a piece of content is uploaded to a system we know a lot about it.

For example, we know that when Jan in HR is working in the personnel files document library in the HR departmental site, without asking her, that the right record category for this content is Human Resources, Personnel Files. Similarly, when Amanda, an executive in Finance is working on a corporate memo, which has a content type of Memo, that the right place for this content in the file plan is Corporate, Internal Communications.

By matching these attributes and automatically classifying via rules, we can place the content in an appropriate category in the file plan assign an appropriate retention schedule without any user interaction. This means that with RecordPoint your content is managed as a record as soon as it has been saved and there is no productivity penalty for ensuring that your work practices are compliant.

Enable Records Managers to Govern Rather Than Manage

If all your content has been automatically classified, what is left for the Records Managers to do? As the compliance experts in your organization, they are now free to take strategic approaches to issues rather than focus on accomplishing operational procedures.

Records managers can look at where governing policies are effective and where they can be improved. They can spend more time looking for compliance risks and mitigating them. They have more time to work 1:1 with departments on their compliance strategy. In short, records managers will have more time to protect the interests of your organization.

In summary, it is the best interest of your organization to keep end users out of the records management process. Use auto-classification instead to reduce complexity and free up your records managers to focus on governance. Using this approach you will reduce compliance risk for your organization.

At RecordPoint we believe that auto-classification is the best way to achieve organizational compliance goals. We’ve built our software from the ground up with compliance in mind to be easy to use, trusted to drive the best compliance outcomes, and to use modern techniques, such as auto-classification, to accomplish these goals. If you’re interested in learning more we are happy to help! Please schedule a chat with one of our compliance experts.

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