RecordPoint Launch Partner for New Microsoft Technology Center

Microsoft Preferred Content Services partner and MTC launch partner RecordPoint demonstrates federated compliance at opening of Sydney Microsoft Technology Center 

With a focus on accelerating digital transformation within Australia’s organizations, Microsoft opened a new technology center in Sydney to demonstrate the benefits Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud technologies have on the private and public sectors.  

Invited along to participate in the launch of this state-of-the-art Microsoft Technology Centre (MTC) was Australian founded RecordPoint, demonstrating records management in the cloud leveraging Microsoft services and datacenters.  

To be successful in this tech first future it is important that organizations, both private and public sector have access to investigate and adopt best in class technology to add into their capabilities, and RecordPoint is pleased to be along for the journey.

Since the MTC’s opening on Feb 5th, invited enterprises have been able to explore the best solutions Microsoft partners have to offer.  

With the SaaS Records365 available to experience at a kiosk in the new MTC, RecordPoint is demonstrating how easy federated compliance can be with a modern, trusted cloud solution, built on Microsoft technologies. 

Additionally, guests of the MTC will have the opportunity to explore transformational technologies through the envisioning theater, an innovation factory, social hub, cyber security room and workshop and boardroom areas. 

When onsite, a dedicated team of experts, including a director, five technical architects, and a technology manager, will demonstrate the impact that Cloud and artificial technologies have on private and public organizations to accelerate their digital transformation journey.  

Organizations will come away with inspired new ideas to take on the challenges of today and be better prepared for the opportunities of tomorrow through solutions provided by Microsoft and established partners. 

In a climate where disruptive new technologies challenge the old ideals of siloed content with multiple content repositories that work better for employees, but prove challenging for the organization to manage, Records365 looks to demonstrate how easy a cloud deployed, modern solution can be for teams tasked to manage compliance across repositories can be.  

“Microsoft Technology Centers represent a gold standard of vision and execution for a technology showcase, and present rich interactive and immersive environments where customers, Microsoft and industry leaders can present the technology use cases of tomorrow. It was a great pleasure to be invited to be a part of the MTC launch in Sydney and to be given an opportunity to showcase our Records365 cloud records management and compliance platform.”

 – John Gunning, Head of Product, RecordPoint 

As an Australian founded company, RecordPoint is pleased to be invited as a launch partner for the MTC opening.  Having been announced as a charter member of Microsoft’s Preferred Content Services program, RecordPoint is behind Microsoft’s technology investment within Australia and beyond.  

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