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Making Records Management Easy

We offer organizations the tools they need to classify, monitor, and control their data. We do this all in a modern and easy-to-use application you can trust.

Easily Uncover Unclassified Records

See unmanaged data across your content sources, so you can easily identify and control files that come up from those pesky new unannounced sites.

Automate Classification with Rules

Our clever rules engine understands your content’s location, properties, custom metadata, and more, automatically applying your file plan category to the right files, records, and documents behind the scenes.

Make Your End Users Happy

Manage documents and records in-place, without end user involvement. The results? Your end users are happy that they’re working in the systems they know and understand, and your governance team is thrilled to manage data across systems with one service. Win-win.

One Dashboard to Rule Them All

A centralized dashboard shows what records management tasks you need to clarify, action, and resolve, managing content across SharePoint, Office 365, file shares, physical records, and more.

“The work of MHRA is to protect and improve the health of millions of people every day through the effective regulation of medicines and medical devices. RecordPoint will help MHRA take control of our vast stores of important data, realise organisation-wide compliance and help us maintain our position as a world leader.”

~ John Quinn, CIO, Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

“In 2015, the IDB selected RecordPoint as Records Management solution because it was the best solution to meet our requirements both in the area of digital and physical records.”

~ Edouard Ratheau, Section Chief Records Management at Inter-American Development Bank

Improve your return on investment

Save on records management costs with RecordPoint

Implement with ease

Reduce the cost of set-up and implement within days, not months.

Integrate with common applications

Integrate with Box, Office 365, and many others while managing your content using a centralized toolset.

Reduce your maintenance costs

Manage a single file plan and retention schedule for all content, saving you time and cost.

Automated records classifications

Automatically identify and classify records, reducing risks and simplifying the records management experience.

Get rid of non-compliance fines

Ensure that records are not prematurely deleted, making you compliant. You don’t need no stinkin’ fines, right?

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