The Next Generation Platform for Information Governance

Easily Manage All Your Content Sources

Records365 brings hassle-free compliance to content stored in a variety of sources. We manage content without cumbersome manual processes and do not interfere with the daily workflow of your end users.

Records365 is a modern information and records management software solution. We help organizations manage their regulatory, legal, and information governance requirements for electronic and physical content. Records365 federates a variety of content sources, including SharePoint, file shares, Box, physical records, Exchange Online, Confluence, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more.

Upgrades and Improvements

Shiny new things that will improve your records management processes, boost your productivity and increase your return on investments.

New Data Centers

Expanding our global reach for our customers by launching new data centers in Canada, the UK, and Australia, in addition to our existing US data center.

Core Upgrades

Our improved platform is more user-friendly, extendable and useful for customers.

Better Connector Framework

Use the Records365 features you love across multiple content services, or even develop your own connector.

Our Trust Center

Easily find information you need about our platform’s security and compliance standards.

A Better Return on Your Investment

Our volume-driven licensing model makes it more affordable for any organization to subscribe to and implement Records365.

Key Product Capabilities

Records as a Service

The only cloud-first, SaaS records management system designed to unify and control all your content sources.

Extensible Connector Framework

Connect your favorite content sources for a centralized management experience.

Platform Agnostic

Your data shouldn’t be held captive by your legacy systems. Unlock your data and achieve standards compliant records management.

Turnkey Compliance

Let us take the lead on compliance and leverage our rules-based engine to manage and automate your content and records life-cycle.


Accelerate productivity and provide more accurate business outcomes with embedded machine learning.

Global Availability

Globally available and supported by our international team of talented records consultants & support representatives.

End-to-End Information Management

Key Benefits

There are numerous benefits to Records365, but here are some of the most noteworthy.

  • Decreased risk from to miscategorized data.
  • Increased compliance across your content systems.
  • More timely responses to responses to legislative, regulatory and legal requirements.
  • Higher productivity from end users since they aren’t required to complete metadata.
  • Decreased cost from eliminating management of multiple compliance systems.
  • Demonstrable Records Management practices that are supported by evidence.

Exciting Features

RecordPoint capabilities help you stay ahead of information chaos and unlock the potential of your organization’s data. Check out some of the many exciting features being offered!

  • Federated data connectors to leading content storage platforms.
  • Automatically classify content in-place using data properties from content sources.
  • Categorize many types of content including documents, email, conversations, video, images, and more.
  • Our Connector Development Framework allows you or a partner to create your own connector.
  • Records365 is a SaaS solution maintained by a global team.

Security and Compliance Certifications

RecordPoint takes the security of your data very seriously. Our extensive list of certifications cover some of the most popular data management standards.

  • RecordPoint’s cloud offerings are built on Microsoft Azure, whose data centers certified to the highest industry standards.
  • All traffic between Records365 and content sources is encrypted.
  • Deploy Records365 in one of our data centers in either the US, Canada, UK or Australia.

Extend Core Capabilities

Records365 allows you to use one set of rules and policies to manage content in-place across all your content sources. You can also develop your own connector to manage any system that has APIs available.

Architecture Overview

Highly Extendable

Records365 is a multi-tenant Records-as-a-Service solution that is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud Stack. Leveraging the built-in Connector Framework Records365 can be extended to seamlessly connect with any content source.

Azure Authentication

Our platform leverages Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) as our identity provider. We do not store users or passwords or require separate login credentials. This allows for centralized management of all your users and applications directly in your Azure AD.

Azure Authorization

Records365 leverages Azure AD Roles functionality to provide different access levels. There are three pre-defined roles with different permissions levels that can be assigned to your users directly through your Azure AD: Application Administrator, Records Manager, and Records Visitor.

Powerful Search Capabilities

Records365 search is a schema-less engine that allows metadata from disparate sources to be consistently indexed and searched. Content from federated sources in presented in a single user interface.

Secure Data Transfer

All API endpoints that are part of the Records365 Platform and Connectors Framework are only accessible through https and data is securely transferred using a SSL connection.

Flexible Storage

Records365 allows you to archive content that has been deleted by a user but has not reached the end of its retention period.

What’s Best For Your Business?

If you aren’t sure which RecordPoint product is the right fit for your business, our team is happy to help. Just contact us and we’ll discuss your requirements and setup a free product demo.

Resources For Getting Started

Ready To See a Demo?

Give us 15 minutes and we’ll change the way your organization does business. The best way to understand how powerful our record management solutions are is to see them in action for yourself!

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