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Complete and compliant records and information management matches the speed and scale of your organization, from the moment information enters your data pipeline to its ultimate classification and storage

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Information management simplified

Records and information management doesn’t have to be complicated

Today’s organizations need to contend with an overwhelming amount of data and information. AI and machine learning are proving to be vital tools for helping organizations manage their comprehensive and cohesive systems of record, across industries and geographies.

As information flows into your ecosystem, it’s essential to have the means to capture, filter, identify, and classify at scale, so you can find what you have and achieve compliance.


Realize the value of intelligent information management

Secure your data and achieve compliance

Information security and data protection are paramount. Not only do you need to protect your own enterprise knowledge to maintain your leading edge, you also need to secure the personal and sensitive information of the people you work with. It’s the law. File Analysis automatically captures and flags this sensitive information, so you never have to worry.

Manage your information singularly

Content migration can be daunting, but we have a solution for that. Connect your data and information from where it resides—whether it is in cloud applications or on-prem systems—to apply your universal records and information management protocol. View and undertake all your records management from one authoritative dashboard.

Get smarter information management at lower costs

When left to individual users, records and information management can be time-consuming and prone to user error. Machine learning and AI conduct records management efficiently, precisely, and repetitively to deliver universal classification of data and information at scale. Unstructured data analysis filters redundant and trivial information, so you handle and store only what matters for your information management priorities.

Better information management powered by AI and automation

Traditional information management relies on individual users classifying data in an ad hoc manner, resulting in missed information, ineffective search, and an abundance of redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) information. Records365 does things differently.

Deploying an end-to-end AI- and automation-supported information management pipeline, Records365 places an intelligent information manager at the center of your organization to help you manage data and content in-place, filter out trivial data, identify and capture sensitive information, automate accurate classification, and maintain a clear, centralized, and searchable information management platform.

Our Intelligence Engine, smart connectors, and federated records management are among the key components that come together to help your organization unlock the potential of intelligent information management.


Take the guesswork out of information management


View and manage all your enterprise information in one place. The Records365 intelligent information management platform connects and presents all your organizational data, content, and records—both physical and digital—so you can manage your information more efficiently and achieve compliance more effectively. 

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Compliant Migration as a Service

Traditional migrations take time, but they don’t have to. Our easy, predictable, and cost-effective content migration and information management services will help your organization take the fast track to having more efficient operations while maintaining compliance.

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File Analysis

Stop storing redundant information. File Analysis uses automation to filter out any information not required for classification, enabling you to reduce storage costs and improve the depth and clarity of your search. File Analysis also uses machine learning and AI to scan for personal and payment card information, so you can be sure your organization stays compliant.

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Be proactive about managing risk

Intelligent records and information management puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to resolving compliance and risk issues and staving off litigation costs. Leverage our leading-edge AI and machine learning information management technology to take the burden of compliance off your employees and to help you quickly and effectively find the records you need, when you need them. 

Get data security and better compliance capabilities at prices you can afford.

Let information management lead your transformation

Don’t let legacy systems hold you back from reaching your future-state goals. Intelligent information management lets you automate data security and management, integrate all of your content and data into one singular management platform, improve your enterprise search, and access custom analytics for transformative organizational insights. We’re ready to provide support for all your information management, content migration, and file analysis needs.  

And if you have a question, we have an answer.


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