Getting Started


All RecordPoint customers have access to our Implementation Framework, a set of well defined documentation, processes and methodologies to support the deployment and configuration of RecordPoint as part of your broader SharePoint platform. The Framework covers everything from setting up your project for success, making sure you have the right resources and skills, best practice approaches to the design of SharePoint and RecordPoint, through to installing and configuration of the product and finally training and change management.


Migrating content from your existing system is a key part of many projects. RecordPoint has experience in assisting customers to migrate from their legacy systems. We provide a range of techniques and tools including our fully documented API to help migrate content into your new SharePoint/RecordPoint solution. RecordPoint and our extensive partner network have considerable experience in approaching not only the technical aspects of migration but also advising on some of the business considerations, ensuring you only migrate what you need to and minimising the impact of migration tasks on the project.


Alongside standard support which is included as part of your annual maintenance, RecordPoint offers extended support for customers which provides assistance with resolving issues which are affecting the smooth operation of RecordPoint, even if the problem is not with RecordPoint itself. Extended support also includes access to our Support Desk who can assist not only with issues but also with ‘how tos’, system health checks, training and upgrades.

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