High-IQ organizations: The future of information management

Your information is too important to leave to chance. You need information management that’s as intelligent as you are.

How high is your organization’s IQ?

Discover the value of intelligent information management to enable more comprehensive and accurate management at scale, and a greater ability to achieve compliance.


Realize the advantages of information intelligence

When it comes to information management, there are two types of companies, low-IQ and high-IQ.

Low-IQ organizations work with legacy systems and various subject matter experts to manually manage information. They have complicated workflows, depend on non-specialists, and are heavy on training and change management.

As a result, they have an excess of disorganized, duplicate, low-value information, and they struggle to find the information they need to stay compliant.

High-IQ organizations leverage automation to capture and incorporate company-wide information—from systems and applications on-premises or in the cloud—into an intelligent AI-backed and cloud-based pipeline that accurately classifies at scale.

They capture and classify information comprehensively and instantly, use AI to properly manage personal information and filter out low-value content, present managed information in an intuitive singular dashboard, and easily meet compliance requirements.

It’s that simple.


Improve your company’s IQ