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Work smarter, not harder with information intelligence that uses AI and automation to seamlessly integrate with your content ecosystem and deliver a more accurate and structured information management solution, with zero effort from your teams.


The advantage of intelligence

Traditional information management is well intentioned but shortsighted. It assumes individual subject matter experts are best positioned to make the information management decisions that pertain to their content. The problem is that these experts are not information management specialists. They also happen to be human, which leaves unnecessary room for error and can extend the duration and cost of a project. The results: complicated processes, complex training, and less comprehensive information management.

Intelligent information management is a whole new paradigm. RecordPoint cloud-enabled SaaS information intelligence integrates with your information ecosystem and connects all of your enterprise information to an AI-automated information management pipeline that filters, analyzes, enriches, and classifies all your information accurately and at scale.

Instead of expecting everyone to be an expert, information intelligence places singular, automated information management expertise everywhere in your content ecosystem for more efficient and robust records management.


Traditional information management

Is analog and people dependent

Organizations, despite working digitally, often rely on manual information management processes. This creates employee and operational inefficiencies which can lead to missed opportunities for capturing intelligence and carrying out insightful data analysis.

Is process-heavy and reliant on content management systems

Traditional information management processes are often limited by the various systems, applications, repositories, and licenses already in place. Attempting to reconcile future-leaning digital work practices with systems-based, on-premises storage leads to delays, complications, and lost value.

Is variable in its processes and functionalities

The failure of traditional information management tools to seamlessly connect and integrate an organization’s different content libraries, systems, and applications tends to result in more complicated, patchwork, and process-heavy information management practices. This variability adds extra steps and requires more thought and effort from employees, and therefore more time spent on change management.

Is powered by people not information management experts

Traditional information management depends on the decisiveness and discretion of multiple individuals from across the organization, for whom information management is always a secondary task. This can lead to uneven or inaccurate records classification.

Intelligent information management uncovers all of the hidden value in your data and content, giving you more insights for better decision-making and fine-tuning the accuracy of an increasingly self-sustaining system of record.


Traditional versus intelligent information management

Non-expert management
Process complexity
System limitations
Ongoing training efforts
More lost and misclassified information



AI-backed precision
Singular & comprehensive
Easily integrated & implemented
Flexible & scalable
Improved classification, accuracy, and searchability

Intelligent information management

Is powered by intelligence

Simply put, intelligent information management is an entirely different paradigm than the traditional approach. Operating as a cloud-based SaaS, intelligent information management connects directly to content wherever it is located and ingests that content into an intelligent pipeline. The pipeline intelligence can then analyze files to filter out redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) information, protect sensitive information, and enrich content with appropriate metadata to inform logical, structured, and immediate classification. By connecting to individual data sources, the intelligence enables the comprehensive and precise application of the system of record, without any changes or effort required of users.

Better yet, the more the intelligence platform applies the classification logic and process, the greater the increase in the accuracy of classification. It amounts to having an omnipresent records manager at the end of the pipeline doing the job for everybody in the organization.

Is capable of scaling to meet demand

A core benefit of deploying an intelligent information management solution is the scale it can offer. It seamlessly integrates with organizational systems and applications to give companies the choice to apply it as broadly and deeply as they require. This means they can scale the elements they are working with up and down as needed. For instance, if a company decides to launch an application, intelligent information management can instantly accommodate the resulting surge in data and content.

Is singular and systematic

Intelligent information platforms don’t vary in their application of classification logic. All organizational information, regardless of tech stack or source, is ingested into the same singular and intelligent pipeline and subjected to the same rigorous set of classification intelligence rules. Intelligence is not only efficient, but a trusted source of consistency and accuracy for analyzing and sorting records. The repeated application of the process ensures your organization has no information blind spots and saves time, money, and risk.

Is seamlessly integrated and easily adopted

Intelligent information management requires no organizational changes. The platform supplies the resources so there is no deploying to desktops or servers, no maintenance or dealing with storage and change management issues—and organizations only pay for what they use. Employees continue to work as they always have—but without the burden of classifying information—and the intelligence connects to any and all content repositories the organization identifies. The immediacy, accuracy, and seamlessness of the solution frees organizations to make the most of their information and see results.


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