Introducing Records365 vNext

RecordPoint unveils its new cloud-based records management offering that unifies disparate content sources and enables cross-platform data governance

Bellevue, WA– RecordPoint, the leading provider of automated records management solutions for SharePoint and Office 365, has announced Records365 vNext, a cloud-based SaaS offering that enables enterprises to unify and control their content across multiple platforms including Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, social media, and internal file shares.

Records365 vNext, is designed to deliver organization-wide compliance by providing a single platform to create, manage, and automate the records lifecycle in a uniform manner across all content platforms.

With the constantly growing number of content sources both inside and outside the enterprise, Records365 vNext will be the first platform that will be able to understand data across multiple platforms and make that information actionable to manage as a record in one centralized dashboard.

“Records365 vNext will be the first records management platform of its kind designed to seamlessly unify and control content across multiple platforms. No matter where their content lives, our customers will be able to manage their records lifecycle from one centralized dashboard with ease.” said Anthony Woodward, RecordPoint’s Chief Technology Officer.

Businesses are increasingly using cloud repositories that don’t adhere to internal and external compliance and governance rules. This is a considerable risk for highly regulated enterprises, as it greatly increases the amount of non-compliant data within the organization.

Records365 vNext enables turnkey, whole-enterprise compliance by helping customers navigate the ever-changing compliance landscape while providing them with the tools necessary to scale out file plans across multiple platforms.

“We believe that Records365 vNext will redefine the records management industry by enabling organizations to manage their records and compliance across multiple content sources with a level of ease and affordability that isn’t available today” said Elon Aizenstros, RecordPoint CEO.

Records365 vNext Capabilities:

  • The only cloud-first unified data governance platform
  • Turnkey compliance for all industry & global standards
  • Centralized management of data from any source
  • Platform & content agnostic
  • Scalable & cost effective

To sign-up and register for early access, visit:

Records365 vNext

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