Intelligent Classification Engine

The Records365 Intelligent Classification Engine Enhancements

Enhancements to our Intelligent Classification Engine helps save you time and makes auto-classification of records even easier.

Managing information is hard.  Not only do we have information overload in that we receive and produce so much of it every day, but we also need to determine if that information has any value and if so, how long it will retain that value.  We then need to store it in such a way that we can find it again in the future.

In a surprisingly short period, so much information will have amassed such that you lose track of when that information has lost its value.  It becomes easier to just keep everything and hope you don’t have to search for something rather than tackle the huge task of going through it and determining if individual items can be deleted further compounding the problem.  Most likely the data will be spread across multiple content sources making it even harder to find what you are looking for.

Managing an organization’s information is even harder.  All the above problems apply multiplied by the number of employees, multiplied by the number of content sources including physical records.  Organizations have a further layer of complexity as more data means more risk.  Organizations need to meet their legal and regulatory requirements retaining records and when audited provide proof that they have met those obligations.

How can records and information management staff have a consistent way of categorizing all the information and records for the organization?  How can they stop relying on users recognizing their information is a record by putting it in the right place and classifying it correctly, so we add relevant retention period?

How does the Records365 Intelligent Classification Engine help with information management?

Records365 and the Intelligent Classification Engine makes this whole process much easier to manage by connecting to any content source your users create and store information and provides a consistent way of automating the classification and retention process.  Records365 gives records management staff and information management employees a centralized searchable view of their organization’s information and ensures your organization is compliant for all that information.

For example, a court case coming up and information management staff have been asked to supply all the case files available.  These are spread across email, SharePoint Online, file shares, and physical records.  Records365 makes it possible to search across all the organizations’ information returning all the relevant records.

These have all been categorized thanks to the Intelligent Classification engine and their retention periods applied.  If a retention period has been met and the Record has been disposed Records365 provides a disposal certificate that the records were retained for the required time.

We’ve just made some great enhancements to make managing your information even easier by providing the ability to export and import your rules.  This feature is helpful for power users who prefer to edit their rules in bulk or and provides a flat view of their rule criteria and outcomes.

What is the Records365 Intelligent Classification Engine?

The Records365 Intelligent Classification Engine is the brains of Records365.  Any time a new piece of information is created or modified regardless of the content source, our connector framework will push the record metadata to Records365, where the Intelligent Classification Engine will process it.


Intelligent Classification Engine

How does the Records365 Intelligent Classification Engine Work?

The first step of the processing will run the record through our rules engine.

Our rules engine is a binary decision tree that applies logic based on the metadata in the record.  Rules tie together one or more criteria with a specific action. If the record matches the rule criteria, then it will be categorized under a specific record category and inherit the retention schedule for that category.

Records365 gives records and information management staff a centralized searchable view of their organization’s information and ensures your organization is compliant for all that information.

Intelligent Classification Engine

For example, if there is a field in the record called Contract Amount, a rule can be created that states anything over a certain amount should be classified with a certain record category. We then apply the retention period to the record based on the Record Category.

Save time with our new import and export feature

After demand from our customers, we’ve added a new feature for power users: the ability to import and export your rules.  Records365 provides the option of exporting or importing your rules as either a JSON or CSV file.  Simply export your existing rules, add new criteria or actions or modify the existing ones, save your file and then go back to Records365 and import your changes.

This approach is useful if you have multiple Records365 tenants and want to move your rules between tenancies, or if you have a large rules tree and want to make significant changes and prefer to do this from a flat view in Excel.

Get your records automated

The Records365 Intelligent Classification Engine enables your organization to understand the value of your information and gives you the confidence that risk is being addressed in an automated way.

Records365 is a records and information management solution that helps businesses to manage their regulatory, legal, and information governance requirements about electronic and physical records. It allows for federated content management, so you can manage all your content in one location, using a single set of rules and policies.

Learn more about our classification rules with our help documentation.

Schedule a demo below with one of our helpful consultants and watch how Records365 and the Records365 Intelligent Classification Engine can help your specific organization.

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