Modern Information Management Compliance Strategies

Strategies for Modern Information Management and Compliance

100 million people use Office 365, and its market share is still growing. Have you started to explore how cloud technologies might benefit your business? If you haven’t, chances are you will soon. How can you arm yourself with information to be prepared?

In this webinar, we will look at a modern information management framework that encompasses cloud, on-premises, and legacy platforms. We will discuss common requirements for government agencies and highly regulated organizations, and how you can meet compliance obligations given these requirements.

Next, we will look at a cloud journey using Office 365. We will look at Office 365 features and benefits, and how these are being commonly used in government agencies and regulated industries. We will then discuss compliance features in Office 365. This will include features that are available natively, and strategies for filling any gaps. Finally, we will show how to maintain a file plan across Office 365 to meet industry regulations.

This webinar will benefit IT Managers, Information Officers, and Information Management Professionals. It will use real-life stories and best practices from hundreds of compliance projects.

Key Takeaways

  • An understanding of an information framework that can be used to plan your cloud journey
  • A business case for the advantages of cloud and how to stay compliant
  • An understanding of the features and benefits of Office 365
  • You will be able to lead a compliance discussion during an Office 365 implementation

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