Building a Global Presence for Records365

At RecordPoint, we are serious about building a world-class, cloud-based compliance platform. This means that no matter where your content lives, whether in cloud-based content sources like Box, Atlassian’s Confluence, SharePoint Online or in on-premise systems like file shares or a hybrid SharePoint deployment, Records365 can help you get a grip on compliance.

Equally as important as supporting a wide number of content sources through our extensible connector framework, is expanding our global footprint of Records365 services to enable our customers to meet local data sovereignty and jurisdictional requirements.

Records365 Data Center Locations

As a first step in bringing the Records365 to customers everywhere, we are extremely excited to announce that our cloud service is now available in a total of three geographies across the globe. We have brand new Records365 instances available in the UK and Australia, ready for our customers to use in addition to the existing Records365 service that is available in the United States.

Additionally, in the coming months we are rolling out new Records365 service instances in Canada, the US Government cloud and in Western Europe.

How We Manage Records365 Data Centers

Our Records365 data centers offer world-class security, protection, and compliance. Records365 offers an industry-leading 99.9% uptime SLA, which our customers can enjoy in every service location. Our global operations team operates, manages, monitors and maintains our hyper-scale records management service, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Our sophisticated monitoring and management systems are deployed across all Records365 services and backed by operations staff to ensure proactive monitoring from a performance, availability and security perspective. All this information is combined into our global monitoring and alerting systems, which gives our staff the ability to spot potential issues before they occur.

Furthermore, Records365 is an evergreen service with new features, feature improvements, and bug fixes shipped as often as every two weeks. These updates are available to all Records365 locations simultaneously, so regardless of where your location you can enjoy the latest record management experience.

Managing Redundancy


Managing Redundancy Records365

Our new Records365 UK service is primarily based in our UK South data center with redundancy in UK West. Australia’s Records365 service is primarily based in Australia East with redundancy in Australia Southeast. Finally, our existing US-based cloud is primarily based in US West with redundancy in US East.

This allows Records365 to quickly recover from even data center outages, where an entire Azure location goes offline. In such scenarios, RecordPoint can quickly recover using our tested disaster recovery processes and our extensive investments in automation.

Data Sovereignty, Privacy and Data Isolation

Our continued expansion ensures that data sovereignty is not an issue for our customers. We keep your records data within the jurisdictional boundaries in which you operate. This means there is one less thing to worry about when considering Records365 as your data is processed, stored, and managed as close to you as possible.

We see data sovereignty as a strategic driver rather than an impediment, and we have designed our services from the ground up to offer the maximum support for data sovereignty, privacy and tenant isolation along with the highest levels of data security.

The range of available Records365 service instances across the world enables our customers to ensure data sovereignty and keep their information in defined geographic jurisdictions.

We use data encryption, in transport and at rest, as well as complete physical isolation of tenant data, backed up by audit, to ensure that each of our customer’s data remains private.

These processes and practices are backed up by periodic third-party audit, in the form of external security testing and regular independent reviews of our operational processes and service organizational controls.

Find out more about how RecordPoint handles your data and deals with data privacy.

The Road Ahead

As part of our commitment to making Records365 available to everyone across the globe, we have a roadmap for even more Records365 service locations.

Currently, we are working on bringing an additional two Records365 instances online by mid-2019. One of these locations will likely be based in Canada, whilst the other will be targeted at US government customers. We are also considering additional Records365 instances in Western Europe and Asia.

Our plans of expanding into the US government Azure cloud ensures that government customers with highly developed security, protection, and compliance requirements can use Records365 with complete peace of mind.

Contact us for more information about our new service locations, our roadmap, or any questions you may have.

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