Introducing the File Share Connector for Records365

Records365 continues to introduce new connectors so you can manage all your organization’s content in one federated workspace. Today we are introducing FileConnect to manage network file shares. FileConnect brings governance and compliance to network file shares so you can gain insight and control over this content using a single view of your information. You now can manage the lifecycle of file share content alongside your SharePoint, OneDrive, and other content, using one set of rules and policies in Records365.

FileConnect is Easy to Install

At RecordPoint, we want records and content management to be easy. The FileConnect connector is no exception and is available now in the Records365 connectors gallery once you have the proper license. Just click +Add and point it to your network files shares. Your content is now being managed by Records365!

FileConnect Provides Consistent Governance and Compliance Policies

One of the best features of Records365 is that content from multiple sources can be managed with a single set of rules and policies that automatically categorize content and apply the appropriate retention schedule. Content from a network file share is no exception and can be easily incorporated into your existing content management structure. Your file plan remains unchanged and disposition schedules are consistent across all content sources within your organization.

Manage File Share Content In-Place

All content under management by Records365, including network file shares, is managed in place for the entirety of the retention period. Given that network shares can be used to store large content, which is not suitable for some cloud-based content sources, FileConnect provides a great solution for managing large files. Once the content has reached the end of its retention period it will be removed from the network file share, following the disposition policies your organization has defined.

And now let’s get to the techy stuff!

FileConnect Provides Flexible Configuration

What if you do not want to manage everything in your network file shares? FileConnect allows portions of network file shares to be managed by Records365, whilst other portions can be excluded from management. How records are aggregated is also flexible within the FileConnect connector, assorted options within a file share hierarchy are available and you can also aggregate at multiple levels. The image below shows an example of a network file share configuration.

FileConnect Can Manage Remote File Shares

FileConnect can either monitor local shares or be used to manage remote shares via UNC paths. This enables FileConnect to provide content management and governance without requiring additional infrastructure.

FileConnect Uses Trusted Authentication

Records365 requires Azure Active Directory and FileConnect leverages a customer’s Azure Active Directory instance with OAuth 2.0 for all communication with Records365. This means that all security concerns are in the hands of the customer. No keys, secrets, or even network ports are required to communicate with Records365.

Learn More About Records365 FileConnector

Records365 is a records and information management solution that helps businesses to manage retention for their regulatory, legal, and information governance requirements in relation to electronic and physical records. It allows for federated content management so you can manage all your content in one location, using a single set of rules and policies. Learn more about our Records365 platform.

Records365 has a range of connectors that allow you to connect to multiple platforms.

Learn more about the technical details of FileConnect for Records365.

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