SharePoint Saturday St. Louis

St. Louis University Workforce Center

SharePoint Saturday is a free, community‐focused Office 365 event dedicated to educating and engaging members of the local technical community. SharePoint Saturday draws upon the expertise of local Office 365 IT professionals, information workers, power-users, developers, and solutions architects who come together to share their real-world experiences, lessons learned, best practices, and general knowledge with other like‐minded individuals.


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High Value Scenarios for Microsoft Teams

Level: 100

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool that empowers teams to work together more effectively, providing persistent chat and a user interface that ties together multiple Office 365 tools.

In this session, we will discuss where Teams fits in the Microsoft collaboration toolkit, and review Teams scenarios that have been proven to provide value in real life situations. We will then discuss lessons learned from organizations that have been using Teams and have deployed it throughout their organizations.


Understanding Compliance in Office 365

Level: 200

In this session, we will review the compliance features in Office 365, including Advanced Data Governance, Labels, Retention Policies, and Auditing. We will then compare these features against common records management and information management business requirements to see how they stack up. We will then look at tools that can be used to complete your records and information management solution.

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