RIMPA Webinar – Using Office 365 to Tame the Information Beast


Since the release of Teams in 2017, Office 365 (aka Microsoft 365) has taken the world by storm. Microsoft and Google’s G Suite hold an estimated 98% combined market share in the office suite market.

COVID has forced the hands of many organisations, who have rushed to embrace Teams and Microsoft 365. In many cases implementations were rushed.

What should be done to ensure information is managed compliantly? How can we as information management professionals add value? Can we shove the genie back in the bottle? How can we get the ear of senior management and a seat at the decision-making table?

This event consists of a series of case studies supported by expert presentations and two hour interactive workshops. At the end of the event attendees will:

  • Have seen case studies on all options for records and information management in Office 365
  • Understand the strategic decisions needing be made and the types of business process improvement they can achieve
  • Know the key stakeholders and roles in an O365 project
  • Better understand the role of the information management professional in an O365 world

This event targets:

  • Senior business decision makers responsible for information strategy
  • Information management staff who want to know how their role will change in an O365 world
  • Solution and information architects responsible for solution design
  • Change and communications managers responsible for training and messaging during an implementation project
  • Project managers responsible for managing an O365 implementation project


RecordPoint and Australian Human Right Commission session at 1:30-2:05pm

Practical uses of Machine Learning for records and information management: A discussion with the CIO from the Australian Human Rights Commission

Join Ron McLay, CIO at the Australian Human Rights Commission and Miles Ashcroft, Head of Customer Success at RecordPoint for a discussion on how the Commission uses Machine Learning as part of their Office365/Records365 implementation to streamline and improve records and IM processes. The Commission has been commended by the NAA as a thought leader in records and information management so this is a great opportunity to learn from one of the innovators in the field.

During this session we will cover:

  • The challenges of dealing with the explosion of content in a cloud world
  • User engagement in deploying a new solution
  • The ‘no metadata’ problem
  • ML implementations for non-Data Scientists
  • Dealing with non-Microsoft content
  • Futures – what is next for the Commission


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