Records365 – Exchange Online & Classification Intelligence Global Launch

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Welcome to the Records365 product and feature webinar! Join us as we go deep into the Records365 platform and showcase current and upcoming features and releases. See use cases and scenarios to make your organization successful in your Federated Records and Information Management strategy. So please, register today! Recordings will be made available to all who register to watch as convenient or to share with your team!

This month, RecordPoint is excited to announce the launch of two new big additions to Records365 – the Exchange Online Connector and our new Classification Intelligence ability powered by Machine Learning.

Are you interested in understanding how these capabilities can help you take control of your email and other unstructured content sources? Then join the Product Team for this webinar where we will tell you all about Exchange Online Connector and Classification Intelligence and how they will change the game of traditional records management.

Classification Intelligence:

For regulated organizations, Classification Intelligence helps to solve complex scenarios and take control of unstructured content sources by providing Machine Learning capabilities that suggest how to manage content based on similar content across all your federated sources.

    • Make better decisions with improved classification accuracy: The use of Machine Learning techniques to classify records based not only on metadata but also the content and its relationships makes the way records are classified more accurate to ensure your data is kept according to your organization’s policies.
    • Reduce the complexity of managing unstructured content sources: Unstructured content sources are an additional challenge to Records Managers that struggle to create metadata-based rules where there is lack of metadata to correctly describe a record. The usage of content and its relationships to classify information based on similar content is key to reduce the complexity of managing unstructured content sources.
    • Simplify the classification process: No more complex classification rules that have to be manually curated and maintained. Our classification rules are great to manage structured sources where you can easily create rules to manage your content but when that is not the case then Classification Intelligence is a powerful addition that aids you to easily manage your complex use cases.

Exchange Online Connector:

For regulated organizations, the Exchange Online connector unlocks compliance in your email by integrating seamlessly with Outlook to intelligently manage and classify email without manual intervention.

    • Reduce Risk: Reduce the risk to your organization by properly managing your email records along side the rest of your Electronic and Physical records. Left unmanaged this might result in penalties to your business.
    • Identify the right email records without manual steps Email management is often neglected due to the need of cumbersome plug-ins and reliance on users to classify content. The Exchange Online connector seamlessly integrates with Outlook to ensure that nothing is missed and minimizes the compliance burden on users who can continue to work in their mailboxes uninterrupted.
    • Increase Productivity: Traditional email management and archiving methods often require users to move emails out of their mailbox. This is very disruptive as users lose the ability to collaborate on those emails going forward. With the Exchange Online connector emails are managed in-place meaning users can continue to search, categorize, follow-up and collaborate on managed emails in Outlook without having to change their routine.


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