Expert Webinar Series: Without Information Management How Do You Apply Governance?

Governance, Information Governance, information management

The need for Information Management and Governance is now front of mind for most organisations globally, however, implementing a solution which meets all needs of organisations is a very daunting prospect. It prompts many questions including:

  • What Information do we need to manage – What’s important? What is of value? Who has it? Where does it live? Is it secure? Where do I start? What is the information lifecycle? How can we manage information across dispersed systems and geographies?
  • Governance – When and how do we get this in place? Who is responsible for governance? How do we get everyone on board? Where do we start? What about legacy systems?
  • Records Management – Is part of Information Governance Where does this fit?

Join Marie Felsbourg, Director of Astral and Information Management and Governance specialist who will discuss the relationship between Information Management addressing some of the pragmatic ways some Australian and Global companies are addressing Information Governance in an increasingly digital and regulated world.

Marie Felsbourg Bio

Marie is the Founder and Director of Astral, an information management (IM) organization that provides customers with independent, vendor-neutral advice about the best strategy for managing their information.

Over her 30-year career in information technology, Marie has developed skills as a subject matter expert in information management and governance, and frequently advises clients in this area.

Marie is passionate about Information Management and understands the big picture and priorities when it comes to implementing solutions. Marie enjoys the challenge of developing enterprise strategies in this area, while also being able to translate the vision into actions and an appropriate program of work.

For 18 years Astral has been a market leader in the delivery of Information Management solutions to leading Australian and Global 2000 companies, implementing solutions both locally and globally.


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