Webinar: Content Services Vs Legacy Content Management – Winner takes it all!

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Up and coming Content Services takes on the long timer – Legacy ECM in this showdown. Join RecordPoint and Xillio on April 10th as we look at who is on top in this space and why.

Gartner said back at the beginning of 2017 that ECM is dead, kaput, finite! That message has taken a couple of years to now filter down into strategic projects where the rubber is hitting the road for organisations around the world. Join us for 45 minutes as we take you quickly through that 2 years outlining what content services is, why you should care and how do you and your organisation respond to it.

RecordPoint and Xillio have moved over 20 customers from around the globe to the cloud. Those customers have chosen a content services approach to deal with their requirements and we will be more than happy to share with you our experiences.


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