Ask Us Anything [digital] roundtable – RecordPoint Customer Webinar


Come and join the RecordPoint team for a special “Ask Us Anything” digital customer roundtable. Pull up your mics and beverage of choice and converse with the RecordPoint leadership team as we open up for a group discussion. We would like to take some time to understand your perspectives and share ours as we navigate the difficulties and opportunities of these challenging times together.

In this webinar we will share insights, vision and the help available to you as a RecordPoint customer. It is our mission to help you succeed in meeting the critical challenges undertaken by teams today to stay resilient.

While we have enjoyed engaging at roundtables held across the regions we serve, we hope that we can establish a new normal, and new dialogue, through digital connections.

We will address:

  • How our roadmap is aligned to address the current and foreseeable demands placed on your organization
  • Maximizing the value and functionality of your tech stack to handle challenges of remote work
  • The people of RecordPoint available to support you and your success as a customer

Please feel free to submit questions or topics through the comment box in the registration form for us to include in our agenda.



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