Increase End User Productivity in Records Management

Increase End User Productivity with RecordPoint

All organizations want to increase end user productivity. Human capital is often an organization’s greatest asset, and it pays to maximize this benefit. However, often compliance can get in the way of increasing productivity.

End users want to use the best tools to maximize their daily productivity. However, often files need to be stored in outdated, legacy ECM and records management systems to ensure compliance. This hinders end users from obtaining maximum productivity, and can cause frustration. Users are used to working seamlessly with consumer collaboration tools, and expect a similar user experience in the workplace.

RecordPoint Enables the Modern Workplace

In the Modern Workplace, end users expect to be able to access content anywhere, from any device. This requires that content to be accessible outside the corporate firewall, and securely accessed from a mobile device. Collaboration tools such as Office 365, Box, OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, and SharePoint Online allow secure access to content for collaboration.

A Modern Workplace also requires that end user collaborate with distributed teams, which can be located several hours to several times zones apart. Often distributed teams use different collaboration tools, according to the office’s culture, and are subject to different local, state/province, or federal compliance regulations. This can be a challenge for already stretched records management teams, who need a way to manage the chaos without additional resources.

RecordPoint allows flexibility to enable the modern workplace, while ensuring compliance. Using a centralized records management portal, records managers can connect to disparate content sources while maintaining compliance with multiple governing bodies and regulations. They can view records using a single dashboard, and can manage them using a single set of rules and policies across all content sources.

RecordPoint Can Connect to Any Data Source

RecordPoint uses a connector framework that can manage content in any data source with an API, which includes most cloud services, legacy, and on-premises systems. This means that RecordPoint can manage content as records, in place, in almost any system.

This framework allows Records Managers and Compliance Officers to manage all the content they have today, and helps them to manage new content sources that may be added in the future. This creates flexibility in choosing content platforms that are best for end users. If a better tool comes along later, you don’t have to also plan for a new records management system along with the deployment of the new tool.

Don’t Force Structure on End Users

Many records management systems function by requiring end users to place content in a certain location or to complete metadata about the document. End users need to be trained and re-trained on using the system properly, which takes time away from their core job duties. Additionally, often the structure that is imposed on them can obstruct end user productivity. It can be difficult to remember where a file is located, who has right permissions to access the content, or where to put a document to share with your team.

If end user productivity is the goal, then users should be free to work in the ways that are best for them. They should be able to structure their files and content in whatever way is best for the team. The focus should be on enabling the use cases for collaboration, not on what is best for records management purposes.

RecordPoint helps to increase end user productivity by freeing them from the constraints of other records management systems. RecordPoint does not require the end users to complete metadata or place the content in a prescribed location. End users can use the tools that are best for their team’s productivity and store content in any location. To learn more or see RecordPoint in action, please request a demo with one of our team members.

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