Role Required
To Create and Manage Physical Locations you need to be assigned to the Application Administrator or the Records Manager role. Alternatively, Record Visitors can be given the permission to Create and Manage Physical Locations through the use of Security Profiles. For more information on security profiles and permissions, see Security Profiles.


Locations allow you to define a hierarchical structure for the places where your physical assets are stored. This allows you to specify detailed and flexible locations for records, ensuring that you can easily locate your records.

Creating a Location

  1. Under Manage in the left hand navigation pane, click Locations.

If your organization has not subscribed to the Records365 Physical Records module, then ‘Physical’ and ‘Locations’ will not be visible in the left navigation pane. If you believe your organization has subscribed, please contact support.

  1. Click the New Location button at the top left of the Location grid to create a new top-level Location.
  2. Click on the icon to see lower level locations.
  3. Select a Location using the check box to create a new Child Location underneath it.