what is content services with chris mcnulty

What is Content Management Services?

Content Management Services is the next evolution of Enterprise Content Management being promoted by industry analysts and Microsoft. What does this mean to information and records management professionals, and how is it different? Chris McNulty, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, talks us through his perspective.

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Video Transcript

Erica Toelle:Hi, I’m Erica Toelle, the RecordPoint product evangelist.
Chris McNulty:And I’m Chris McNulty, Senior Product Manager with Microsoft.
Erica Toelle:So, Chris, I know you’ve been introducing the idea of content management services this fall and well, this summer. How do you explain content services? Especially to someone who’s from a more traditional enterprise content management and records management background?

What Are Content Management Services?

Chris McNulty:Terrific question. So, Enterprise Content Management has long been a hallmark of large enterprise content pools. How do we manage information at scale? Especially after we finish the authoring process and it’s turned into a permanent asset of the organization? So that I can find it, so I can discover and retire it and dispose of it?

The key idea of content management services is to take advantage of that same scaling. We need that same ability to do automatization and retention. And to apply many of the same capabilities to the entire lifecycle.

One of the things that when we look at with Microsoft tooling, especially what we get with Office, is we’re also good at content creation. If a document is going to live for ten years, the last nine are important. But, the first year, the first month, and the first day are equally important in that life cycle.

Chris McNulty:Content management services is an approach that says we begin with storage. But what are the core capabilities that I need to add to my storage platform? It needs to allow me to able to secure, to index it, to classify it, and to share it. It should enable a whole suite of applications.

Some of them are from a company like Microsoft, like Office or SharePoint. Some of them are third party applications like RecordPoint or many of our other partners. And also, being able to plan that content in a way that I can repurpose it for apps or even devices that may not have been present in the time of the creation.

How Are Content Management Services Consumed?

Chris McNulty:Being able to consume content on desktops and laptops is old hat. Even tablets and smartphones are common scenarios. Increasingly, as we get further into the 21st century, it’s about Augmented Reality devices, and it’s about wearables.

We know that digital want to get content back through digital assistants, Alexa, Cortana, and the rest is for them the most authoritative source of information. It’s important that we can empower a series of scoring and intelligent services to be able to light up all those capabilities and more.

Does Structure Matter in the Content Management Services World?

Erica Toelle:In the past, in the ECM traditional world, we spent a lot of time making taxonomies and categories. We make sure people put things in the right place and tagged it with the right thing. Is that still important in the modern world of content management services?
Chris McNulty:It is today, and the core idea of classifications and defining the taxonomies are always going to be with us. As we look down the road five- or ten-years machine learning is going to be able to do more and make those decisions for us.

Records management as a discipline is never going away. Records managers, as a role changes from someone who does things to someone who teaches things. They review things and can focus on the high-value questions, such as why we should keep a record and how best to harvest information out of a record.

Erica Toelle:Thank you so much for joining us today and giving us an overview of content services.
Chris McNulty:Terrific.
Erica Toelle:I’ll put the links to your white paper and other assets in the description of this video so you can learn more about content management services.

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