RecordPoint Launches Canadian Data Center

RecordPoint is proud to announce the launch date of a new Canadian data center! Starting January 15th, 2019, Records365 will provide a Canadian data center option. This new data center complements Records365’s existing centers. Additional data centers are in the USA, Australia, and the UK. Starting January, anyone needing Canadian data sovereignty will have the option to localize. This ensures we process data and store it completely in Canada.
“It is exciting to launch our new Canadian data center in January. RecordPoint works hard every day to ensure you can trust your data. As a part of that commitment, we want you to have the option to choose the location of your data.” – Anthony Woodward, CTO RecordPoint

Canadian Data Center Management

We manage the Canadian Data Center with the same world-class security, protection, and compliance as our other data centers. This management includes data redundancy, to recover from data center outages. Likewise, it also includes tested disaster recovery processes and our extensive investments in automation.
Additionally, this includes sophisticated monitoring and management systems. We deploy these systems across all Records365 services. Operations staff track for performance, availability, and security.

More RecordPoint Data Centers in 2019

RecordPoint has a commitment to making Records365 available to everyone across the globe. We plan to launch even more Records365 service locations.
Records 365 Data Centers that have been planned and launched 
RecordPoint would like to launch a data center in the US government cloud by mid-2019. This ensures that government customers can use Records365 with complete peace of mind.
In conclusion, we are also considering more Records365 instances in Western Europe and Asia.

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