RecordPoint partners with Victorian Government to advance AI in records management

RecordPoint creates a new advanced technology hub in Melbourne setting the foundation to disrupt the $10B Content Services Industry.

RecordPoint creates a new advanced technology hub in Melbourne setting the foundation to disrupt the $10B Content Services Industry

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – RecordPoint is proud to partner with the Victorian government on our new Melbourne office. This office is our new Asia-Pacific headquarters and advanced technology hub. 



RecordPoint Creates Highly Skilled Tech Jobs 

These employees will focus on leading-edge technologies. The primary areas of focus include artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain. RecordPoint will hire from the diverse and talented pool of Victoria’s employment workforce.  

The jobs that are created through this partnership will include both senior and graduate positions. RecordPoint has an industry-leading graduate engineering program. In this program, new college graduates complete three, three-month rotations to gain experience in a variety of positions. After the successful completion of the program the graduates are offered a permanent position at RecordPoint. 

Melbourne Innovation Will Fuel RecordPoint Growth 

We founded RecordPoint in Australia and have since grown to be a global company. RecordPoint pioneered cloud-based records management with our Records365 solution. Independent analysts recognize our innovation as leading the industry. Our platform has over one million users. These users are in hundreds of governments and organizations worldwide. 

Within these organizations, RecordPoint supplies records management and governance capabilities. We manage content found in a variety of platforms using one user interface. A declarative rules-based engine assigns a business classification to content based on metadata. This approach makes it easy for employees to understand their records. 

Our new Melbourne Artificial Intelligence (AI) Laboratory will make records management even easier. Our current approach works well for content with enough metadata. Butfor content without much metadata, we can classify content using artificial intelligence. Specifically, we can use machine learning to classify records.

“Adding to our investments in Automated Intelligence (AI) we are excited to work with the Victorian government to open our Melbourne AI Laboratory. This will give us new capability to extract, enrich and refine data to meet the growing information challenge of today’s world. We have had amazing success with creating jobs in Victoria and with the Governments investments this will just accelerate.”

Anthony Woodward, RecordPoint, Chief Technology Officer. 

RecordPoint is pioneering the use of machine learning in records management. This capability means that Melbourne employees will be working on leading-edge technology. They will use research and development activities to define how organizations around the world can best use artificial intelligence to drive added value in the field of records and content management. 

The Records Management Market is Growing 

The timing of this partnership is perfect to capitalize on records management industry trends. The records and content management markets are growing exponentially.  

The worldwide records management market was worth approximately USD $1.5 billion in 2018.  This valuation includes software license and maintenance revenue. The demand has increased by 7% from 2017. The records management market is still somewhat underdeveloped. Over 50% of organizations worldwide have implemented this technology. Even fewer have deployed it on an enterprise scale.  

Globally, the value of the market for records management is over USD 2 Billion. The size of the broader Content Services market is over USD 10 Billion (Gartner, 2018). The estimated compound rate of growth of content in organizations is over 61% YoY. We predict this market will increase from 33 zettabytes in 2018 to 175 zettabytes by 2025 (IDC, 2018).  

The potential application of the technology currently in development is multifold. It aligns with RecordPoint’s vision of reducing the complexity of records management. RecordPoint is proud to be leading this new wave of growth in Melbourne, Victoria. 


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If you’re interested in learning more about Records365 and would like to see some of the capabilities describes here in action, please join us for our upcoming Exchange Online & Classification Intelligence Global Launch Webinar!

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