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SharePoint on-premises connector for Records365

The SharePoint connector allows Records365 to apply governance and compliance to content kept in an on-premises SharePoint farm.

We are stoked to announce the availability of our newest connector, the SharePoint on-premises connector for Records365.

The SharePoint connector brings a key capability of allowing Records365 to apply governance and compliance to content kept in an on-premises SharePoint farm. Yes, you read that right: a cloud-based governance and compliance platform managing content behind a corporate firewall in an on-premises environment.

This announcement reinforces our vision of a hybrid cloud world for a cloud-first records management platform. We first started our commitment to this vision with the announcement of the FileConnect connector.

Not Quite Ready to Go All into the SharePoint cloud?

A question that we hear frequently is “we are moving our content to SharePoint Online, but we still have content in our local SharePoint farm. Can you manage that content too?

The answer now is YES!

The SharePoint connector for Records365 strives to ease the pain of moving to the cloud or existing permanently in a hybrid state. Here’s how:

  • To meet your governance and compliance needs with Records365, it is no longer essential that you move all your content from your on-premises SharePoint farm to SharePoint Online. Use the SharePoint connector in combination with our SharePoint Online connector so you can be compliant while you transition to the cloud at a pace that suits you, or if you want to exist in a hybrid state permanently.
  • The addition of the SharePoint connector also allows inactive content in your on-premises SharePoint to remain where it is and not even be moved to SharePoint Online, with peace of mind knowing the on-premises content will also be compliant.

What About SharePoint 2013?

Don’t worry, we have you covered! The Records365 SharePoint on-premises connector currently supports SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, and will support SharePoint 2019 in the future as soon as it is out of preview.

Regarding the future, the modern experience is important to us, so we are also keeping an eye on modern design patterns such as modern team sites, communication sites, and hub sites. We will also look to provide deeper integration with some of the new extensions that SharePoint 2019 will support like Flow and PowerApps.

Not Using Records365 Yet?

You can trust that your SharePoint on-premises content will be compliant along with your other content sources using the unified rules and file plan in Records365.

One of the best features of Records365 is that you can manage content from multiple sources with a single set of rules and policies that automatically categorize content and apply the appropriate retention schedule.

If this is your first connector, don’t worry! We have a modern, easy to use interface to guide you through your first connector setup. We are serious when it comes to the user experience.

Records365 has the ability to manage all content in place, and our latest connector is no exception. We want content to remain where people are working and collaborating so that they have easy access to their information. Once the content has reached its retention period, we will remove it from its source system, following the disposition policies your organization has defined.

Don’t Want All Your SharePoint Content Managed?

No problem! The SharePoint connector promotes an opt-in model for managing content. This approach allows you to specify that content which is important to you from a governance and compliance standpoint and that which is not, like SharePoint asset libraries containing pages, web parts, etc.

SharePoint Connector | Records365 SharePoint Integration

Notice in the above image how you can opt-in at the web application and site collection levels.

Up and Running in Minutes, Not Days!

Connecting to an on-premises SharePoint farm to Records365 could not be simpler. At RecordPoint we pride ourselves with making problems easy to solve. To enable Records365 to manage SharePoint on-premises content, first provision a SharePoint on-premises connector from our ever-expanding Connector gallery.

SharePoint Connector | Records365 SharePoint Integration

Next, install our service into your SharePoint farm. As we say here at RecordPoint, sit back in your hammock and enjoy the margaritas!

SharePoint Connector | Records365 SharePoint Integration

Safety First

SharePoint Connector | Records365 SharePoint Integration

As with all hybrid deployment scenarios, security and confidentiality is a major consideration. The Records365 SharePoint Connector sits securely alongside your SharePoint farm, within your secured corporate network. It leverages a customer’s Azure Active Directory instance with OAuth 2.0 for all communication with Records365, with all outbound communication over a secure transport layer.

This approach means that no special keys, secrets, or inbound network ports are required to communicate with Records365, and nothing is exposed to the public internet.

Want to Learn More?

Records365 is a record and information management solution that helps businesses to manage their regulatory, legal, and information governance requirements about electronic and physical records. It allows for federated content management so you can manage all your content in one location, using a single set of rules and policies.

Records365 also has a range of connectors that allow you to connect to multiple platforms.

Ready to understand how Records365 and the Records365 SharePoint Connector can help your specific organization? Schedule a demo with one of our knowledgeable consultants!

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