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How to do case management in Office 365 recorded webinar with q&a

How can you accomplish case management in Office 365? Find out how to meet common requirements to organize documents and apply retention.

One of the scenarios we frequently hear from customers is around Case Management in Office 365. Is this possible? How do I do it? Joanne Klein, Microsoft MVP, and records management specialist presented this topic in the first webinar in our new Expert Webinar Series. The recording of this webinar is available to everyone.

How to Do Case Management in Office 365 Webinar Abstract

Managing a set of documents as a case or subject file is a common requirement for many organizations. Whether for projects, legal, healthcare, insurance, or HR there are requirements on how to organize and manage these documents and maintain record keeping.

In this webinar, you will learn how to do Case Management in Office 365 and SharePoint Online. We will look at a case study of an organization using legal case files. This discussion includes common requirements and options for using Office 365 features to organize documents and apply retention.

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Questions and Answers from How to Do Case Management in Office 365

RecordPoint’s live webinars include a Q&A from the audience. Below are the questions asked during the webinar about Case Management in Office 365. If you have a question after watching the recording, please contact us, and we will get you an answer!

How Can I Use Labels for Case Management in Office 365?

How Can I Use Labels for Case Management in Office 365?
Once we associate the label with the document or document set, could you rename the label afterward?You cannot rename a label once you define it. You would need to delete the label and start over. You could also change the label to another.
Can you associate more than one labels to a document?No, you can only add one label.
Can you apply more than one event based retention label to a file - or just one?You can only have one label on a document.
Can you assign a label to a folder as well?Yes, you can.
Can you use Label to apply Hold to a document for a legal purpose?No, a label cannot apply a hold. You would need to do an eDiscovery search in the Security and Compliance Center and then add to a legal hold.
Are labels available in Classic sites?You cannot assign a label to a classic document library.
Once a retention label is set, can a user modify or remove it?If the retention label is not a record than anyone that is a member of the site (and therefore has edit access) can change the label. If the label is a record, any member can apply the label, but only a site collection admin can remove or change the label assignment. There is not a way to modify these settings.
Can you use labels in Classic sites? Modern sites certainly workYou can use them. The label will not appear in the UI, but you can apply them programmatically.
How will events retention labels work with Exchange?The major difference between event-based retention for OneDrive/SharePoint and Exchange is that it uses keywords to find the content rather than an asset ID. More information is here.
Can we programmatically apply a label to previously uploaded document(s)?Here is a great blog from Microsoft showing an example of scripting label application.
Can we have multi-stage retention using labels? example - stage 1 -file created + 2 yearsNo, multiple stage retention is not available.
What is the best option to convert content type Information policy to labels without losing the current retention periodI can't get the direct link to the item, but if you go to the Microsoft 365 roadmap and search for "retention label" you can see the roadmap item for this feature. It is not available yet.

Case Management in Office 365 Process Questions

Can cases be re-opened?No, you cannot reopen cases.
Can the Compliance Asset Id be more than one field? Ex. Employee Name and Dept?No, it cannot.
Can you set the Asset ID to a metadata field for the case file or a document? Thus it will inherit it from the metadata property?Not at this time.
The assumption that the Events can also work with OneDrive and Exchange?Yes.
Are there dashboards in SCC to show all records due for disposition?Yes, there is a disposition view that is security trimmed. Just FYI, the tenant admin can't see the dashboard by default - you need to add people to the correct permission group for them to see it.
How does an extended work - is this an audited process? Who can extend disposition?Extend will allow a reviewer to enter another date for retention. A disposition review will happen on that new retention date. Currently, it is not one of the activities that appear in the audit log.
Would a collaboration user see the retention policy or date of disposition?A collaboration user can see the applied label but not anything else.
Is there an ability to perform a transfer as a disposition actionNo, it is not.
You mentioned that O365 could not do a disposition review on content under a retention policy. Can you please elaborate a bit more on that? Wasn't the case file associated with a 3-year (or 3-day) retention policy? Thanks!We call labels published to a site 'Label Policies.' There can be disposition reviews for anything tagged with a retention label. If you publish a retention policy (not associated with a retention label), you cannot have a disposition review associated with that.
What are the other options besides the demo?Other options are a folder, or Microsoft Team, or a Modern Team site with a group as examples.
Is the Record Center going away in O365?No, the records center still exists in SharePoint Online. However, it will only manage SharePoint content and not other content in Office 365. Microsoft recommends using Office 365 labels going forward.

Office 365 Licensing Questions

Is there a specific license type that allows users to access the Security and Compliance Center - ex. E3 or E5?Anyone can be added to the Security and Compliance Center to manage these features. Everyone added to the SCC needs at least an E3 license. Microsoft requires an E5 or the ADG SKU for automatic labeling, event-based retention, disposition reviews, advanced eDiscovery, and a few more things.
Is the Auto Apply of a label just with an E5 license?Yes, auto-apply is only available for an E5 license or with the ADG SKU added to another license. Every user that edits documents will need to have the license.
You can use the SCC with an E3 license, not auto apply, correct?Yes, that is correct. Event-based retention, disposition review, and Advanced eDiscovery are also E5 only.
Can a user in the Legal Site see when a case is due for disposition?To get access to the Disposition page, reviewers must be members of the Disposition Management role and the View-Only Audit Logs role in the SCC.

Case Management in Office 365 Webinar Questions

Will we get responses to all questions when you send the recording? That would be very helpful. 🙂You can find the recording here.
Can you please share the deck post the webinar?You can find the recording here.

How Can RecordPoint Help with Case Management for Office 365?

What about on RecordPoint license for this cool functionality? Or Base RecordPoint license provide these functionalities - i.e., case management?RecordPoint licenses our products based on the number of records under management and the number of connectors used. We include all functionality, including automatic labeling and event-based retention, with our license.
Does the retention label change how Records365 manages the record?Records365 can use a label as an input or criteria for our automatic rules and categorization. We manage retention independently of Office 365.


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